Thursday, 9 August 2012

Prom ❤

Prom , 13th July 2012

Prom invite that I designed. 

with the lovely sam ;)

Aaron. Yeah I know I am short T__T  

Beautiful maria and helen :3

With james ❤ Everyday hugging him during lunch time X)

The loveliest girls! Been together with them for 2 years now :') We had great lessons together. 
Abbie and Maria :3

Ophelia. :)

With abbie and lily. Graphics friends :3

with the boys ;)

It was a great night. Apart from the fact I couldn't dance in my heels. Yeah. Only 10% of dancing in the whole night cause I'm that anti social .__. Regret getting those heels but they were so pretty! I couldn't not take them home ;)  Met most of the old friends and we had a professional photographer to help us take photos! ^--^ It was a great night overall apart that james left early ¬.¬ and I kind of forgot my ticket so that's my bad. lol. But they let me in so it's good. I was super tired after that night. I just walked on bare foot and had a late night sleep. I didn't even bother about the after party.

And Yes, I will blog more since james broke up with me cause our relationship was awkward and boring. He won't be reading this cause he doesn't bother with my blog even  though he may be a geek. There goes another guy that I need to forget. I thank him for letting him go before I fall too deep like those other guys that had been hurting me in the past :) We had happy times and those are happy times that matter. 

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