Friday, 31 August 2012

Second giveaway win ^-^

This is my second giveaway win during 3rd of July 2012. 
I won it from bangbangsheshoots's giveaway(# ̄▽ ̄#)And it's two luview triple baked eyeshadow.

All the way from korea! ;') ❤

It came in a medium sized box even though both eye shadow is small. Bubble wrap safely! (○゜ε^○)

I choosen lovely gold and charming violet since I love the colour of violet and I needed a everyday pink eyeshadow. When I got the eyeshadow I tired it out and it was so pigmented ! Loving them so much ! I will definitely recommend them. The blogger was really lovely when she was helping luview to make this giveaway happen. Even though this giveaway isn't personally by her, please do visit her blog ! ^-^ 

Ohh and I won a giveaway recently from another pretty blogger, I will be posting about as soon as I receive the package from the lovely blogger ! can't wait ! (≧▽≦)

(。・ω・。)ノシ see you NEXT Time☆★

Friday, 24 August 2012

orthodontist - part 1.

Yes, I got my brackets on. T____T It's killing me when it's only the third day, I can't imagine how much pain I'm gonna get when I actually get the wire on and have my teeth pulled out... I'm getting my teeth pulled out next week and wires on the 5th September which is the first day back to school.. so I need to go to school and get back again :o My ex had braces on before so he knows how I feel and I always complain to him about my pains :D It's not pain pain it's just like period, but you get aches in your mouth. It's just the brackets kept rubbing against my cheeks and they freaking hurt, making my inner cheeks sore. I'm slowly getting used to it and hopefully it will feel better after a few days.. 

I'm eating as much as I possibly can before I get the wire on and when it becomes more annoying.

You guys/girls might think, you look fine without getting braces anyway! but no, I just have the right angle since I used the front camera on my iphone.. 


really my teeth looks like this..

Bunny teeth but all of it is aligned... I guess it's a good thing. 
If you're wondering my this photo is so washed out of colour and pale it's cause my teeth looks unpleasant colour so I just wanted to photoshop it out okay. I'm a lazy ass when it comes to brushing my teeth..
hopefully all this pain will payoff. 18 months to wait if I keep my mouth clean and rinse regularly...
I have to be hardworking to maintain it ._. 

yeah I have been lack of blogging even though I claim to be having holidays... ¬.¬ to be honest.. I just have been very lazy and I am too lazy to post up anything interesting. D: I just have been joining giveaways and trying my luck to win them cause who doesn't like free stuff huh? 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fly away~

Yes , you have guessed it correctly. it's time for another giveaway post :P

rinnieriot's giveaway ends 31 August 2012

tulips-and-me's giveaway ends 5th September 2012

dreammakeup-blog's giveaway ends 2nd november 2012

iambabypanda's giveaway ends 1st september 2012

beautybymissl's giveaway ends 20 august 2012

mochakari's giveaway ends 14 September 2012

glitterobsession's giveaway ends 20 september 2012

aimeesnails's giveaway ends 9th september 2012

chamberofbeauty's giveaway ends 15th september 2012

xoxovalentinekissesxoxo's giveaway ends 2 september 2012

beautycrazed's giveaway ends 7th september 2012

Wednesday, 15 August 2012



 It's about time I renovate my blog and give it a brand new skin.

links are currently being re-editing. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Prom ❤

Prom , 13th July 2012

Prom invite that I designed. 

with the lovely sam ;)

Aaron. Yeah I know I am short T__T  

Beautiful maria and helen :3

With james ❤ Everyday hugging him during lunch time X)

The loveliest girls! Been together with them for 2 years now :') We had great lessons together. 
Abbie and Maria :3

Ophelia. :)

With abbie and lily. Graphics friends :3

with the boys ;)

It was a great night. Apart from the fact I couldn't dance in my heels. Yeah. Only 10% of dancing in the whole night cause I'm that anti social .__. Regret getting those heels but they were so pretty! I couldn't not take them home ;)  Met most of the old friends and we had a professional photographer to help us take photos! ^--^ It was a great night overall apart that james left early ¬.¬ and I kind of forgot my ticket so that's my bad. lol. But they let me in so it's good. I was super tired after that night. I just walked on bare foot and had a late night sleep. I didn't even bother about the after party.

And Yes, I will blog more since james broke up with me cause our relationship was awkward and boring. He won't be reading this cause he doesn't bother with my blog even  though he may be a geek. There goes another guy that I need to forget. I thank him for letting him go before I fall too deep like those other guys that had been hurting me in the past :) We had happy times and those are happy times that matter.