Monday, 9 July 2012

Lazy busy not really.

Ohh hello viewers. I have honestly not been that busy I have just been lazy and I have company every week from... guess who? obviously that would be the guy with me in this following picture. 

The lovely boyfriend loves to pout in photos. Hahhaha. How cute ;)

He is the most adorable and shyest guy I have met. :') 

I was trying to get a picture of us when he was playing temple run on his ipod >:D We were in the car going to braintree cause I invited him to go since he wanted to spend time with me. hehehe. Okay, more of that I want to spend more time with him. It was our first time shopping together. It was fun xD We were in the men section in next and we tired on cologne, just fooling around and we were both just complaining about prices about everything. lol. My dad made a joke out of his name and he called him James Bond cause he's called James. Hahhaa. It was a fun day tho. Most of the time he just complained that he was really tired cause I made him walk most of the time. I'm sure he's gonna fall asleep in the mall if he joins me shopping in London :P I'll probably make him sleep early so that wouldn't happen I hope ;o Met his mum the other day, she likes me and my parents don't mind him so everything's good :') 

So so so happy when I'm with him :3 
Even though we don't live in the same town as me he always makes an effort to take the bus to meet up with me :'c A little part of me dies every time he treats me so good .__. Sadface, my mum is asian and she doesn't like me being round his D'; I was let once and never again until I'm 18. How sad.. Anyway, at least I met his family.. and his cats.

This is arnie. He's cute. But he's not mine D;


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