Thursday, 5 July 2012

Last days of sus.

Ohh hello! Last day of sus was a long time ago but I shall still blog about it. 

I designed the yearbook and prom covers :') And the other is just my planner.
I ordered my yearbook in soft cover cause they said they wouldn't include it in the hard cover but ended up printing on the hard cover as well ;__; I guess my design was too nice for them not to include in the hard cover :P

Last Science lesson.

Last English lesson. 

Form class. Yeah...  I'm the least photogenic among most of my friends. I have literally have no idea how to pose when other of my friends holds the camera >.<

And I am the shyest person to ask people for pictures. I kinda regret quite a lot .____. But there is prom night! Looking forward to that. 

After taking photos during form time we have a lovely assembly. Games and speeches from teachers. Ohh and I got a box of chocolate cause of designing the covers :') 

And not to forget awesome singers and dancers performing :)
I had a video of those dancers but I didn't get a picture so yeah.... It has been quite an adventurous adventure in sus and I am still looking forward to our prom night! ;') 

Prettiest girl I have ever met, Marla.

Daniel. He's really nice. 

With my bestfriend helen. I love her to bits and bobs :'3  Friends since the first time I moved to UK now she's my bestfriend :'D

hahah. Yeah my boyfriend.

I love this guy, conor  (friend way) ^ He is literally the kindest guy I have ever met! 

My graphics friend :3

I can't smile when other people take photos of me D: URGHHHHH. I must smile nicer next time. I have weirdly been practicing smiling just to look good in photos xD

There are highs and lows but overall I had a great time and met a lot of amazing people.


  1. love the photos! sorry i just started reading your blog, what is sus?

  2. Hehe. Thank you! ^-^ Sus is just a abbreviation for sudbury upper school which is the name of my school :)


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