Monday, 25 June 2012


This is such a late update but you know :P This was back in 2nd march when I went down town to london and china town with the family! ^-^

OOTD. Scarf, hoody, shirt, jeans. It was too hot so I didn't bother with the scarf at the end. 

We visited the park at first when we were in london. We took the underground there and we also had hot dogs for our lunch. Yummy yum :3 I took quite a lot of photos cause it was a lovely sunny day ^_____^

We saw a photographer taking photos of two models :o  That was quite interesting. 

Cute doggies ! ^______________^  

This man is so good at roller skating! :o 

Took the underground again and finally reached china town. We had dinner there and walked about. They have the cutest stuff sold there! *____* Picked up this cord holder :3 

£2.50 for this cute blue tofu! :3 SHOO SHOOO SHOOOOOO CUTE! 
We had dinner in china town and then we went home. Nothing interesting but I just wanted to upload those photos :P

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