Sunday, 3 June 2012

Giveaways :3

This is another blog post to sum up what blogs I entered for giveaways! ^____^

Pretty Airi's giveaway! It's open internationally. Join, you might be one of the lucky winner. She have one of the cutest blog I have seen! ^--^

Chococcuro's giveaway! She's from Australia! And she's having a lovely giveaway! So much to win from her giveaway so join while you can!

 Candy's giveaway! So many stuff to win from her lovely giveaway! :3 Ends 30 June.

Summer Princess Sana 1st Giveaway! This is more of a Gyaru giveaway cause everything's so cute and pretty! :3 Do join! :D Ends 7th July 2012

LemonberryLulu's giveaway! Ends at July 9th 2012. It's a must join if you want to win that cute dolly wink lashes ;)

Ly☆ / Geek Ballerina's giveaway! Ends at 14th July 2012. It's open internationally so join while you can! ;') You always could be the lucky winner. I'm hoping to win it cause of those lovely wing earrings! >///<

Sami's giveaway! There are two winners to be won so do join! :3 So much to be won ! ^-^ + she's from UK.

Chaneltonnu's giveaway! Ends 6 July 2012. Lovin the katy perry lashes :3


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