Friday, 8 June 2012


I had the most ABUDEN moments when I am working.

Enjoy this video.

Now you know the meaning of ABUDEN. Okay this is mostly a rant to rant about this new boy who works with me in the place where I work which is a takeaway.

This boy is literally the worst person you can ever met. Before working with me, he's one of my dad's friend's son. He was on my facebook until one day he made up a fake facebook account and try to break me and my ex boyfriend up which was quite stupid thing to do. (fyi, we didn't break up cause of this matter) And from that day, I hated him like how I hate rambutans.

Okay so now he works in the same place I work. He is just pure stupid and slow. I used to work with my friend and we usually work in a quick and fast phase but now he's gone and I have to work with this... thing.

This is when the abuden moment comes in, he asks if I have packed all the stuff or not when there is clearly two bags and two order on the table. -______- Do I really have to waste my energy to tell you I have packed everything when they are clearly done. And then there is this moment, me and my friend always pack in order so we know who's packing what but this boy just skips orders and makes me confused on what he packed and what he hadn't. -__- And now he just follows me and just points at the bags when I asks him 'which one have you packed?' BUT I asks this because there's quite a few orders and I'm too lazy to look at his bags and see what orders he had or hadn't pack cause he might just skips orders and make me pack again for no reasons. =_=

He always chooses orders to pack. WHYYY YOUUU NO PACK IN ORDERRRRR?!

+ I'm slowly blogging again because now I have free time! :D Say hellooooooooo to holiday! (;


  1. Aaah I'm so glad that everything was okay! I was worried about the lens the most.. So I just like used LOADS of bubble wrap for them!
    Can't wait to see you wear them ^^

  2. hehe :3 yeah I gathered xD there were alot of bubble wrap. and sadly I have bad vision so I had to give the lens to my friend :c


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