Sunday, 3 June 2012

16th birthday.

30th March . As usual my special day where I get loads of presents. *_* but.. this year isn't much.

Me, with my awkward smile. 

Mai mum and dad. 

From helen. She's my lovely friend who gives me presents or card every year! ❤ Three years running now ;) We exchange presents every year cause we love each other ;')

Thinking about it, it might be the last present I might get from Helen cause we might not go to the same school. D; 

From my older sister. 

From my younger sister. Lovin the eraser set. 

Ahh yes and not to forget Dikson's card xD 

So cute right the bear bear ? ;3 

Awkwardly, he forgot my birthday cause he was on holiday that day. Yeah, such coincidence. ¬_¬ Anyway we won't be seeing each other anymore cause he's going to a different college and I already said all my goodbyes to him. And I also blocked him off my facebook. I don't want to think about him anymore. 

+ I think I have depression... 

+ I won a giveaway from Eternise-moi/lizzie's giveaway! I was so happy to receive her mail! ^__^It's my first ever giveaway won ;___; Anyway, remember to check out her blog!

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