Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sleek clean.

I have been looking at making handmade cards for him. Even though I asked him yestersday if he still fancied me. Guess what ? he said no. Anyway, what is done is going to be done. I wouldn't change. 

Do you like my new layout ? It's edited but I wanted a simple new blogskin so yeah :c 

I'm gonna be like 
here's you're present and run aways. 

Yeah.. he accepted the present. He said thank you and he said he loved the present so I'm pleased. Of course just in a friend way. If I don't move on, how am I going to find another better one ? ;)
He still thinks I love him but he doesn't love me. How ironic. ilovehimbutheisaplayer.

I'm not what you think ❤

Urgh tomorrow's the last day in sus ;c I'm gonna miss everyone ! I might not even stay cause I don't want those bad memories to flash back. I think I'm gonna cry.. sadface D; 

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