Monday, 19 March 2012


Hello beauties ! After 5 weeks of disappearing away I feel so left out from blogging so I AM BACK for awhile. I have been busy with life and study. I think everyone is. So, today I'm gonna talk about Collection 2000 Luscious Lashes Natural  and they cost £2.99 for a pair.
Average branded lashes like eylure lashes would cost about £4.00 - £6.00 I don't dare to use such expensive eyelashes (even though I own a pair, they were my christmas presents) so for my first try so I pick these up from my local drug store. 

The packaging. It comes with glue. It looks pretty okay but I think it's abit dramatic for natural lashes in my opinion.

When I put them on. They look very long than I expected. lol. 

Without them on, just plain eyeliner. 

I'm not very good at putting on falsies as this is my first time. PRACTISE PRACTISE ! 
I think they are okay since they are just £2.99 It doesn't make my eyes droppy but I wear glasses so it's really annoying for me. I wouldn't recommend wearing them when you have to wear glasses. Contact lens is all you need ! ;) I'm gonna get contact lenses during the easter holidays and I am also gonna get Orthodontics. I know orthodontics are gonna hurt but it's just gonna hurt for a year and then I'll have nice teeth. 


I have exams on May and June. I will be off until then. EXAMS. EXAMS. EXAMS. I need to start revising. I am in such stress. I wouldn't mind dying now.

These few days I don't feel like doing anything. Maybe it's cause of lack of sleep. I will have to start sleeping earlier. Maybe I just have no mood. Just a rant about my life since I haven't been blogging  for 5 weeks. 

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