Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Tomorrow is my twin's birthday. Sorry for what happened on November and December. I have no idea why you don't want to forgive me but once my twin, you will always be my twin in my heart. 

Sometimes it's better to forget those unhappy stuff that happened. Remember those epic moments we skype? I had to see your childhood photo so that I can remember who you are if not I won't remember . >3< 

I hope you have a lovely birthday.

Happy birthday William

There were many great memories with you :')

Both of us got our heart broken but I guess there is nothing I can do but just stay away and hope for the best to happen. 

Monday, 19 March 2012


Hello beauties ! After 5 weeks of disappearing away I feel so left out from blogging so I AM BACK for awhile. I have been busy with life and study. I think everyone is. So, today I'm gonna talk about Collection 2000 Luscious Lashes Natural  and they cost £2.99 for a pair.
Average branded lashes like eylure lashes would cost about £4.00 - £6.00 I don't dare to use such expensive eyelashes (even though I own a pair, they were my christmas presents) so for my first try so I pick these up from my local drug store. 

The packaging. It comes with glue. It looks pretty okay but I think it's abit dramatic for natural lashes in my opinion.

When I put them on. They look very long than I expected. lol. 

Without them on, just plain eyeliner. 

I'm not very good at putting on falsies as this is my first time. PRACTISE PRACTISE ! 
I think they are okay since they are just £2.99 It doesn't make my eyes droppy but I wear glasses so it's really annoying for me. I wouldn't recommend wearing them when you have to wear glasses. Contact lens is all you need ! ;) I'm gonna get contact lenses during the easter holidays and I am also gonna get Orthodontics. I know orthodontics are gonna hurt but it's just gonna hurt for a year and then I'll have nice teeth. 


I have exams on May and June. I will be off until then. EXAMS. EXAMS. EXAMS. I need to start revising. I am in such stress. I wouldn't mind dying now.

These few days I don't feel like doing anything. Maybe it's cause of lack of sleep. I will have to start sleeping earlier. Maybe I just have no mood. Just a rant about my life since I haven't been blogging  for 5 weeks.