Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy valentines.

Happy Valentines day all pretty ladies and guys ❤

HUA HUA HUA . I love my hair in that picture . LOL .

I'll be on haitus until my internet is back . By that time I should have all photos edited and blog posts coming up . Chatbox messages will soon be replied and new blogskin will soon be released ! 

If you read this , I LOVE YOU & I MISS YOU loyal readers and friends :'3 

Even though it's single valentines for me this year , it's just the same normal day for me .
A guy confessed to me a day after valentines, HAHAHA . It wasn't really awkward but it was awkward when he started to repeat that me and him would have a hope . Seriously, I'm sorry but no ._. I'm not gonna date a guy I chatted with him for a few times and I barely know him that much . It's like dating a stranger D: I hope he doesn't reads this , if he does , I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings but yeahh.... ._. 

k, enough craps . BYE 

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