Thursday, 19 January 2012

New years

New years have gone past, I'm still being lazy. Alright I did study today but I haven't done my homework so I'm planning on doing it tomorrow so that I don't die when sir finds out I haven't actually done my homework and I need to work harder on my coursework. I gave up once I finish putting the whole website together using a basecode of mine. Which is quite lazy for me.

320 followers at the end of the year. When I reach 16 probably I would be planning on doing a mini give away if I have time and the money. I'm not sure if anyone wants make up or keychains or accessories >< Yes it's open internationally. 2011 have been a great year to blog in even though I slacked at the end of the year but I'm working on blogging again.

2011 was the year with the most heartbreaks ever, broke up twice. DUDES give me a break. I guess I shouldn't that easily say yes to lovers. Anyway , I'm trying my best to forget him. I think it's working alright. Haihhh, I can say my relationship life had been the worst this year. Lost a few best friends / friends. Sacrificed a bestfriend for a boyfriend now end up with nothing. This is one main reason I was scared of saying yes to him at the first place but that time he said he wouldn't leave me like how my other ex did but at the end it's the same ending. Not that I am sad about it but I just can't believe it. Anyway, past, forget about it. He'll come back when he wants to, nothing is making him not to. He blocked me too. LOL. I don't know why he block me. It's just so childish. Like come on, be mature. Our relationship ended you somemore want to end our friendship for no reasons. I already apologised. Now, I don't easily trust anyone . Once I do, they betray and just leave me.

Okay end the sad things there . There is also happy things. I became more confident in myself and more brave. LOL ! And I made a few new friends online . I look fine outside but I'm dieing inside. I'm being more lazy I guess. I'm gaining darker eye bags. Urgh T___T Life is terrible. Tired of life, tired of everything.

Talking about my new years. I just watched the tv and count down with it. Broke up with boyf after a few days. I had too many heartbreaks maybe it's better to be single. I don't really know what he wants, sometimes he hugs me, sometimes he just ignore me. I guess I'll just stay cool and stay quite and not give too much attention to him cause I think the only thing he wants is my attention.

New year , I'm applying for new courses to college. I really can't decide on what to do T__T

I really can't be bothered with people in my school, they are just so freaking annoying and some of them just judge me when they don't even know me. WORDS HURT.  Anyway, I'm in an ignoring mood these few days so I didn't really care much, I just walked away and ignore.

Those are really the random thoughts about my days. It's been tired and boring and just study. Can't wait till holidays. And don't you worry, I'll reply tagboards soon when I have time.

CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING . (angpow na lai)

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