Friday, 30 December 2011

When I grow up.

When I grow up , I wanna find someone who loves me for who I am .
Someone who would do anything to please me and make me happy everyday .
Without doubt , he can still tease me and fight with me >:D Obviously I would always win because he would love me too much to make me lose .
The guy would do anything to be with me .
Someone that plays the violin and would play it for me or any other musical instrument .
Someone who always take note of every small detail and would give me surprises in the least expected time .
Someone who would take tons and tons of pictures with me just to keep as a memory .
Someone that I wouldn't get bored of .
Someone that makes me laugh when I don't even want to smile .
Someone that would care for me when I'm sick .
Someone would play the fair game with me .
Someone that would sing for me no matter if he can or not .
Someone that would be there for me whenever I need him even midnight when he's too tired .
Someone that would show the world that he only loves me and make all the other girls be jealous of us rather than making me jealous .
Someone that just has a smile which makes me smile .
Someone that inspires me .
Someone that I look up to .
Someone that would teach me how to do something I wouldn't ever learn .
Someone that would make me feel that it's only me and him in one world .
Someone that would make me forget all those sorrows and keep me confident and positive .
Someone that would give advice to me when I'm crying and in confusion .
Someone that would have loads of patient with me .
Someone that would keep me warm even though he's already cold . HEHE .
Someone who understand and apologise when he knows he is wrong .
Someone that would unexpectedly lead me to the aisle with knowing that I would surely say yes .
The one who wouldn't cheat or lie . Yeah this guy , this guy will exist in my dream :) Hopefully in the future . Probably never because this is what most girls want as a boyfriend . LOL .

So , what do you want to find when you grow up ? :)


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