Thursday, 15 December 2011

Westfield, stratford city

24102011 / 24 Oct 2011
I had an awesome Monday in Westfield ;D
Pictures will do all the talking.

River island. Amazing place to shop for clothes even tho it's quite expensive. 

Went to YO SUSHI for lunch. 

This dish was a bit weird as it's new to me and it tasted soury and saltyish. I liked it abit tho. I forgot the name of it ><

These were yummy ^______^ DORAYAKI ! ❤

Nice sushi meal , we end up with tons for plates and a long bill to pay ><

I was gonna buy this dress but I didn't dare to put my money into it , but I regret it now, as I always do T__T
I mostly shopped with my older sister and left my parents to shop alone with my younger sister. keke~ 

Overall it was a great day. They had amazing architectures and awesome branded shops, but I was too poor that time to afford any. lol. It's a great place to go when it's on offer seasons. The food there are okay, the portions were too big for me (except for the sushi), I would advice you to share if you are a small eater like me. 

If you are visiting England, London, it's a great shopping mall to go and it's also near where the Olympics' 2012 is. If you love to go shopping/window shopping a lot it's a great place for you. 

I will be more active as I apologise for my past absence. I had plenty of mock exams T_____T It's all over now and it's almost CHRISTMAS! I will reply chatbox messages when I am free. >< Tomorrow is my last day of school and it's the last day of stress then I can sleep longer in my bed~ Eye bags have seriously grow .

Here's a current picture of me if you don't remember what I look like. lol. I look like I have brown eyes, I love brown eyes 8D Looking forward to getting contacts next year if I can .__. 

Great, my sister got an ipad, while I have got myself a instagram :) Planning to get Iphone 4 maybe next year if my phone doesn't die. 

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