Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Not a white Christmas + Prom dresses

It was snowing like this few days before Christmas but it stopped snowing and it all melted :( 

Presents I received. 

Cards that I received. I got money too because my friend didn't know what to get me. LOL ! 

This was what my boyfriend got me at the end :)

This was what my sister got me. Pretty cute actually. 

I got myself ferrero rocher and two pair of fake eyelashes. I can't wait to try them on when I can >< 

Owh , I also got myself black cracking nail polish, I just have to apply a lot of make it crack nicer, overall is pretty good . 
Sadly no white Christmas this year, I'll have to wait till next year :)

Prom dresses
I like the skirt very much but the top is quite not my style. lol. 

I really like this one but I guess it was too sexy on the back. lol. 

I guess I look fat in these both dresses. But they are so cute tho like before I wore them on. lol. or maybe I just have bad sense of clothing /.\ 

I have been procrastinating. Shit my life D: I still have loads of coursework to do. And blog post to update you all. I have no idea why I am so lazy, I think I need to slap myself or something. Anyway, HAVE A GOOD DAY DEAR READERS! :3 


  1. I like your present,dear♥! Hahaha,and nices blog I view again♥

  2. omigosh! I want makeup too LOL I got art materials for christmas LOL

  3. Esther : Me too ;D

    Wahwah : hehe. Thank you dearr! ♥ You blog also nice wert.

    huixin : LOLL. I've got a lot of make up this year. X) Btw, how old are you? Aww, I want art materials even though I just draw with pencils for art. LOL!

  4. you look really cute! love your outfits :D
    and soo many presents ._.

  5. n'awww thank you ! Yeah, I spent alot of money buying presents for my friends too. ><


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