Sunday, 13 November 2011

Southend 2nd

30082011 / 30 Aug 2011

I went to Southend for the second timeeeee ! 

This time I went to the sea life adventure .

Did abit of window shopping, I didn't buy much in the shopping mall.  

Ate crabs for dinner. Aww, I still miss it >< Sadly I didn't take any pictures cause I was busy eating. 
Collected some shells, won a teddy bear and the pink bear thingy and a sweet pen in the fun fair, and also I bought VOODOO doll keychain! :'3 I love that key chain but I didn't use it cause it was too cute to use it. 

Thanks for viewing ;) ❤

I took a long long time to update. I still have one long update to post so stay tuned. 

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