Monday, 24 October 2011

Nair upper lip hair remover review.

HEYYYY all :3 It's been a long time since I update on stuff about myself.
I have been really busy with life and I keep getting headaches and too much stress I guess ? GAHH. 
Anyway, I came back with this review! 

This is Nair upper lip hair remover. Cost about £5.00 but it was about £2.50 for me cause it was on offer the time I wanted to get it :D Do not judge me just because I use this product .__. This is a rare product that most girls use.
If you don't know what it is, it's just a cream that you apply on your upper lip while after a few minutes you wipe it off and then you'll be hairless! 
The result.
These are non-photoshop pictures. Don't judge me. lol. 

Overall it does work and it does get rid of the upper lip hair. You have to spread A LOT of it on to your skin. If you spread a thin layer it won't work that well so when you put it on put on TONS!

I shall warn you that it will sting if you leave it for too long. And what ever you do, NEVER NEVER EVER leave it more then 10 minutes OR RUB IT on to your skin. You will totally regret because I did. I used it twice and I learnt my lesson. If you do both of that or one of them, you'll get red patches and dots on your upper lip and it will stay for quite a long time, for a month maybe and you also have to apply some cream to make it heal back. It will leave you upper lip to be red, pinkish for the first few hours but then it'll be gone. 

Why yes ?
★ Does what it says. 

Why no ?
☆ Stings like hell. 
☆ Doesn't remove all your hair ( I think it's just me ._. )
☆ It lasts about 2 - 3 weeks only which is a pretty short time for me. 

I wouldn't really recommend you this product but I had to be the victim to try it so why not. I only had this product. It's not bad for me laa cause I didn't have much choice.

Some say this product make your hair grow thicker and darker and much quicker. For me ? It's 50,50. I think it's better to remove my facial hair, rather then having it there .__. At least I did something to get rid of it. Do not shave it off! Never shave because it will just grow thicker. Maybe you could try bleaching it but if it goes wrong, you might end up with a ginger mustache. lol.  

If you live in the Asia and you want removal hair products, try Kenassy soft and smooth hair removal puff! 
It's a Japanese hair remover puff, I think they sell it in Malaysia and Singapore. You just need to rub it on to your skin and it removes hair! It does work but I think it is quite expensive, about RM20. I'm in UK at the moment so I can't really get them. 

SADDDDD FACE. But I heard it takes a long time to remove you hair on your leg while it lasts as long as the same rate when you shave. And it's ONLY suitable for your arm and legs. 

I heard that treading is a good way to remove your facial hair but I'm scared it might be too painful. ><

And have a look at this interesting video by Xiaxue. 
Perfect for girls who are in puberty. Wear the right way, you might get larger boobs ;D 

Bye for now beautieees ! 

Sunday, 2 October 2011


I know it's very late by now. lol. This trip was back in August and now's already October. 
I had le lovely trip in Southend. 
I'm gonna post up the pictures by order, so lets go!

This was when I haven't had my haircut so it explains why my hair is still so long. Awhh, I miss my long hair ! I had kinda  more makeup then I would have cause I was trying out my new gel eyeliner. I can't really use gel liner that well. Skinny  jeaggings, t-shit, favourite necklace and hoodie :)

First stop we went to eat some "dim sum" :3

The place is quite good. Most of the food are hand made dim sums. YUMMY! 

Then after dim sum we went to the beach to have a walk. 

My new shoes. Not that new now.. lol. 

I always wanted to take a picture like this. But it missed abit of my shoe. ah wells :P

Mai dad and mum. 

This is one of the structures there but it's not on the sea, it's just on the path ways. 

After walking on the beach and the path ways. We reach the amusement parkkkkkk ! Called "Adventure Island" as you all can tell from the pictures below. 

Aww , I went on this ride it was shocking >< I was just screaming like a crazy women. LOLL. I didn't know why I said yes to my sister cause she was persuading me to go on it, I guess she succeeded ? .____. I don't really like rides. 
If you can spot me in the picture, you're an awesome person ;)

I went on these small games, I didn't win anything tho cause I'm not that good with these stuff. 
Then we went into this souvenir shop and I got some souvenir stuff for my boyfriend cause I love him :'D It's a surprise tho, he doesn't know anything about it. I'll reveal what it is when I give it to him. And I also got some stuff for my friends in malaysia. I might be going back ! YES YES YES ! Okay maybe I'm not ¬_¬ I'll reveal all the stuff I bought once I get the chance to give them peoples C: 

I was trying to capture the whole amusement park but I guessed I kinda failed but this is what it mostly looks like. 

While walking to the awesome supermarket nearby, we went into this awesome shop. They sell swords and accessories, jewelry and other bunch of stuff like shells and box. GAHHH, too much to list. A lot of random and unappropriate stuff ._____. Awkward.... I was gonna buy the sword but I didn't know what I would use it for so I just left the shop with nothing. lol. 

Mai dad and me.

This is the only time you'll ever see me wearing sun glasses.. until I get contact lens ;) 

After shopping we walked back to the carpark. 

Look at those balls ;) XD Anyway, those buildings on the left are arcades and casino's there were like a whole lot of them while some are just restaurants. 

After that we drove the car to the other car park and went into the Chinese grocery store. It's like tiny. lol. Ohh and I saw this cute cute cute guy. Omggggg, he's so adorable and hot okay not very hot but I can consider him as hot. Then he left after like few mins with his cute lil bro. After grocery shopping we went to this Chinese restaurant to have DINNAHHH. 

They have this cute lil pot! Aww, it's so mini and cute >< 
The food is okay I guess.. I had this awkward moment when I listened to Korean music when it's a Chinese restaurant. lol. And my dad thought it was Indian music. LOLLL. 
Incase you wanna know, it's this song. 

 IU - Good Day

After dinner it's time for homee! ❤ Pleasing trip even though didn't buy much stuff for myself. 

I have such creative sisters... ._.