Monday, 19 September 2011

Major WTH.

Hello peeps ;D Okay , this is another short rant. I have to blog about this! Today is just another day I am on blogger, searching around blogspot's. Then I came across this blog, I won't reveal her blog link cause yeah.

So anyway, I saw this blog so I clicked on the page where it says edit blog. This page, it's when you pay for having your blog edited by her. Okay it's normal but when I look at the price I was like WTH seriously ? O_O If you want her to edit your blog, she has this list of stuff she can edit your blog, I'm not gonna talk much about that but she has another additional list, this list is LOLLL . If you want a header it cost RM10, banner RM5, cursor name RM5, menu tab, RM10 and it has a maximum amount. OMGGGG. others are okay I guess. I can make a menu tab without RM10 okay, and I can make 100 if I want and there wouldn't be a maximum. I can make a cursor without using RM5, seriously? ohh and header doesn't even need RM10 or my banner doesn't even need RM5. Actually I got confused about the header and banner @@ It's my problem but yeah. Just a short rant. I know, no one will read this so I just typed it up in a big chunk of paragraph.

Rant for the day, it's been a long time since I blogged due to coursework and homework TT I'm so busy! Urgh, I need to rearrange all my schedule and online lesser while blog more. I'll be back with a rant post or maybe post about my trips . Hmm, not sure yet and I'll surely reply you readers soon !

About my blog request and stuff, I apologise if it's taking too long for me to reply you all or just I took too long to make your blog layout. It's cause I've been busy with school. So sorry ><

I've just submited a new blogskin to , it was a old blogskin actually. Rate comment ? :D Just click on the picture below! Thank you! 

And OMG , If you are those who loves love reality shows and have listened to the show called "We got married" (Khuntoria) OMGGG I wanted to cry in the second part TT So freaking touching. AHHHHH, how I wish I was Victoria while my boyfriend was Nichkhun :') Aww, if you haven't seen it you can watch these two videos but they are the last episode , doesn't really make sense if you want to watch from the beginning but enjoy . xD Or you could try this website if it helps

Cried in this part T_T AHHHH ~ I couldn't hold my tears . *Sniff* I'll spend my weekends watching this show then . XD Jokes , my boyfriend would kill me can force me to do my homework . Jokes ;P I control him , he doesn't control me . XD Jokes :P 
I really want to watch the whole show. Urgh, it's so tempting T T

I'll CYA later peoples :3