Friday, 19 August 2011


Enjoy if you like to view pictures rather then me typing a bunch of words . 
* contains quite alot of images * 

Pictures were taken when me and my sisters were in the meadows/croft, however you want to say it. Something like a nature reserve.

Lovely view , nature says it all .

Ignore my face, focus on the main focus. lol.

I like the last one most . HEEEE , let me self love abit okay ? No harm eh . Pictures were taken by me and of course my lovely *EHEM* not really that lovely  sister Yvonne, check out her blog okay xD Here ! Yvonne's blog Gadgets are the awesomeness of Samsung PL150 and also the Ipod touch ! ( upgraded version ) Some of them are not edited cause I'm too lazy. lol. 

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