Monday, 29 August 2011


Hello hello ! ❤ As a promised another update . I got a haircut last Tuesday, I look like a doll .

It's like so freaking short now D: I'm pleased with my fringe that's what I'm happy about, the length is just too short. The hairdresser trimmed my hair like so freaking short and then asked if it's okay. I'll just wait until it grows longer, it should be fine.

Short update again cause I still have one post to update which have been in my draft for quite a long time. Long time as in long long time. Ohh I'm going Southend again :D 

Anyway there's this girl. oh girl. I hate it when people want to have similar stuff with me. I can't name her out cause she's credited the owner who made the code so blehh. She got the same navigation thingy. I was like wth. damn :l but it's not literally the same so it's okay.  My lil rant there done. 

I'll blog more, I hope cause my holidays gonna end while study mood is going to be turned on. I don't always study anyway don't worry guys, lol. I'm might not be excepting any request unless you can wait of course I will help you cause I have nothing much better to go but it depends on the results I get once I go back to school and also because I have no time to do anytime plus I have two facebook accounts to handle, and also twitter, tumblr, formspring and also my lovely blog! 

I'm getting a few haters this year, I have no idea why. I didn't even do anything. LOLL. I have people calling me ugly and attention seeker, like what theeee hell is wrong with youuuu. I don't even know you. And the worse thing is, they are ALL freaking anons. Like girl, why don't you just own up to me that you hate me. I won't eat you up, I'll just blog about you and your craps you make up. And make you all famous (lol, I'm not even famous so I can't really make you famous) and guilty in your mind, soul, heart, body if I have time. HAHAHA. I have no time for haters, haters will hate. If you are one of them, own up to me okay I mean the one from my formspring ;D ohh there's a new one in my chatbox, she/he used another blogger's link. Is like whyyyyyy oh whyyyyyyy would you do that. That is just so mean. I have no idea if you want to destroy her reputation or hurt my feelings, just GET A LIFE and be a much better person okay? :D or maybe it's the girl ? O_O Idk, I don't think so cause she have quite a busy life while when I left a message on her chatbox while she replied like she never ever visited my blog before so I rather spend more time blogging about my lovelyyyyyyyy bloggers and fellow followers :'D 

Sorry that I blog and rant in most about my blog post. lol. Normally I go out of topic so yeahhh. Here's a quote.

Judging a person does not define who they are , it defines who you are.

My boyfriend is one of them people whom judge, I'm trying to let him know that judging someone isn't necessary unless you really know that person. Sigh, when will he listen. I hope soon. HAHHAHAA, yeah I point out bad points of my boyfriend, why? cause he's amazing even with his bad points :')

Stay tuned for the next updateeee, there's gonna be quite a lot of pictures I hope I'm blogging about that same thing I planned. LOL. So byeee, I'm gonna have even darker circles soon, URGH  T T


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