Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bored and lazy.

As some of you guys know , I'm having my sweet summer holidays. I'm seriously bored and lazy as you can tell from the title . I'm gonna rant a lil here cause I have TWO blog post which I have to finish writing them up but didn't because I got kinda lazy because both of them consist quite a lot of pictures . Yahhhh , so I'm here ranting a lil so that my blog doesn't go dead like it's currently is .

Today killed a lot of time cause I helped a friend on blog template. Yesh. And my days have been more boring since I am starting to run out on what to say to my boyfie and also he has PMR coming up . I don't want to disrupt his learning, this shows that I'm a awesome girlfriend ? xD Nah , jokes . He needs his time too not just me .

I think I'm starting to write too much but it'll appear much more shorter on my blog cause it's different width , I think . Anyway , oh yeah , I'm getting insomnia . I got it ages ago like 2-3 months ago when I first started with the ex . It started off 11pm , then 12pm then on the holidays 1am . OMG . I cannot take it anymore . It just doesn't fucking cure itself . I tried sleeping late but waking up really really early . Okay that didn't help because it just kinda made it worse ._. and excuse my french . This is the first time I state on my blog because I didn't really want anyone to worry especially my boyfriend since he has other stuff to worry but since he always caught me online during late nights so why not just tell him , but I didn't tell him why or when since he didn't ask so hey !

Oh yeah , I want to say something before I forget . I actually forget stuff really easily but yeah . oh look I forgot what I wanted to say ._. Great.......... |o> |o> |o>............. I can't remember at all..... This happens to me quite often . I have noooo idea why , well , I used to be like that last time . It's suppose to be a crow if you are wonder what's |o>

I hate the new blogger in draft , view here It takes ages to load even though it's more better looking ? but I like using the old blogger dashboard cause it's simple nice and quick well , in my opinion :p Depends , some people like blogger in draft more .

CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME YOUTUBER ! ilikeweylie She is awesome and she is actually a babee ! ❤ Have a look at one of her videos here ;D I learnt quite a lot from her . LOLL . She is just AWESOME and everything she says is almost true and kinda funny and she used to watch That so raven 8D High 5 if you do ! xD *piakkkk*

I need to start getting hair remover cream . I heard it doesn't make your body hair anymore thick and it doesn't hurt so I think it would work . Probably gonna get them tomorrow when I go get some new white nail polish :3 I start to pamper myself more cause normally I wouldn't . I used to never pamper myself except with food . Food was what always mad me happy , but now it's kinda different cause food makes me fat unlike last time . Last time I used to eat without getting fat . *sigh* miss those days .

I might post daily when I get a new phone cause my current phone doesn't go on blogspot and I can't even update anything . Look how stupid my phone it -.- I might get iphone but apparently you can't have your own ringtone from music and also you can't have a place to attach your phone charm =.= what a stupid design . You can't have a phone charm , well you can , you can attach it on a cover of the iphone . And also you can jail break your iphone while this way will give you more excess on customizing your iphone stuff . So maybe I'm not getting a iphone.. I might get a htc.. depends .

I did French manicure / Frence nails whatever you want to call it from Linda Check out her blog, it's awesome okay ;D Okay so I did this manicure and then I changed my clothes , and when I was changing I accidentally kinda smudge it like fuckkkkkk and then I went to work and it smudge even more my face was firstly like this Dx and then it turned to :/ and then -.- Nice description of my face isn't it ? I kept the smudged nails for like 2 days from friday , saturday and sunday and monday which is today. It would look quite nice if I didn't smudge it, I need new white nail polish cause the one currently I am using is dying . After french manicure , my nails look much more mature . HAHAH , I think it's just me . It was too ugly to take a picture off anyway but you can see it appearing in my vlog :3

Here's a ranting vlog for fun. YAY. I am not good in making videos but do enjoy. lol. 
thanks for watching ! :)

I started this updating this morning but still haven't finish it till 11 . LOL . I have been watching videos of SHINee and 2PM . Omg , Shinee is cutee ! while 2 pm is hot ! I love them both anyway .
and also , listen to this sweet song if you want . That's about it so , byeeee , see you next time .

7 Years Of Love - Kyuhyun

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