Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wahwah ❤

During my holidays, I drew her ! Yes, Wahwah Chea. Sorry if I drew her not very alike, but I try my best. Used 1 day to draw it so it's not bad. 
Some people mistaken her for me :x lol . She have so pretty eyes and not to mention her double eyelid .

Hover over to see the original picture. It's different size cause I zoomed in and crop some parts out. 

Anyway, check out her blog ? ❤ 

Stay tuned peeps. More to come.
I usually blog more then reply peoples. 

Enjoy this song from 2pm - Open Happiness


    KRYSTAL !! ♥
    I'm veryyy surpriseeeeeee ! >_<

    i'm very like your drawingggg ! ♥

    THANKYOU veryyy muchhh ! ♥

  2. HEHEHE. Ur welcomes ! ^__^ ♥ and thank you berry muchh ! :3


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