Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tagged by Tiffany

I was tagged in a "10 Things About Me" by Tiffany. Okay let's start.

The Rules:
- Each tagged person must tell things about themselves
- You have to choose and tag 10 person
- Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
- No tags back
- Have fun!

10 Things About Me:
✿ I haven't got any skirt in my wardrobe.
✿ I enjoy listening to kpop even though I don't know what they mean.
✿ I love christopher drew ❤
✿ I can't swin cause I drowned before.
✿ I don't use contact lens.
✿ I started using make up when I was 15.
✿ I enjoy holidays very much.
✿ I love peaceful walks with people I love.
✿ I love HUGS! ❤
✿ I love purple.

I'm going to tag these bloggers:
Holly, Linda, Hanako , Tyana , Belle , Fιsнy ♥ , Riska , Yen ,Yuan Ping

★ You do not have to do this tag but you are welcome to.


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