Sunday, 3 July 2011


HAR HAR HAR. I should have update ages ago but now I only updated >< Sowie. 
Strawberries and chocolate! Always the perfect match. ❤ 
I crave for strawberry these few days, they are really nice with chocolate. Some of them are really sweet, especially the dark red ones even without chocolate. YUMMY! 

I know I have been slacking a lot, I think it's cause I have many things in mind and I am very berry lazy to blog ._. I will update moreee after my work experience which is for two weeks which would start next week :3 YAYY. Can't wait for that. I have many backdated post, I will update when I have time. Wait for me ? :3 

I actually try my best not to put in too much emoticons to my blog post but I can't really help it cause I'm too used to typing with emoticons, for example like this -> xD I think I blog too random, I tend to go out of the topic but oh well. Who cares right ? 

Me and my boyfriend have been quite a lot of arguments during the end of June but it's okay now, it's July. I wish July will treat me better, I don't want to mess up my life, my brain even. Relationships sucks for me these few days. I hate choosing, I don't want to choose between one person and the other. Not exactly called as cheating cause I didn't choose both. I don't know what I am talking about actually -.- Anyway, one week of studying, two weeks of work experiance, three weeks to FREEDOM

Ohh I made a GIF during my free time. LOLL. Not really during my free time but it came out a bit different then I expected. 
HAHAHHAA. wth ._. The quality is so poor.

Enjoy some strawberries


  1. lol... the gif's awesome AND the heart-shaped strawberry! LOL!

  2. Pou Leen: thank you! LOL :'D xD


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