Monday, 25 July 2011

Spring Updo.

Hello peoples! I look like an alien. lol. I have to admit that. My eyes are like huge here. 
I have brown eyes now ! Nahh, I edited them abit but they were brown originally cause I took it when I was standing beside the lamp.
I always just playing around with photoshop cause I was bored and I had too much time in my hand since it's the SUMMER HOLIDAYS. Good news is, I can quickly finish up request for you all. Bad news is, I am getting fatter and lazier and shorter. I have no idea why, I think I shrunk and lost some friends. Hmm, this is worrying /: Well , I still have some friends and also my boyfriend. Argue quite a lot with boyfriend. That was bad.

I replied everyone on my 1st acc today in one day. Quite proud. LOL. Next it's my 2nd acc and then the next day in my main blog and then my tutorial blog. I am working on the layout for my tutorial blog. Currently it's okay I guess. I just need to link up the stuff and then it's done to be reopened ! :] 

I did this tutorial well all I can say have a look at my result. Spring Updo.  

It's not tight enough. PHSJAJAJAJAKSKA. Looks so different. == It's not spring but I like this hairstyle. 

I did a drawing for my boyfriend ❤ I got lazy on drawing those strips on so I just didn't drew it on. I am such a lazy ass but my boyfriend doesn't mind it cause he loves me that me :') xD

I got some "HELLO PANDA" from a Chinese shopping complex cause I am awesome. They are yummy :3 I didn't dare to finish the whole box cause it was too cute ! T_T

That was my science practical. Pretty rainbows! C: I just had to upload it. 

Sorry for the random stuff in one post cause I wanted to sum up what I missed out in previous posts. All my stuff where everywhere and I didn't want to post it in separate posts cause I am lazy. lol. Wait until next update :D Probally it would be just pictures cause nothings going on at the moment since it's the holiday. I'm gonna lay in my bed and clean up my room. My room is such a mess. 

Until next time, I will blog more often ! 

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