Sunday, 10 July 2011

Out town.

Ohh hello. This is a belated post :x Went off to town with my boyish look. Casual and comfortable. Those ballet flats were my sisters, I stole them from her, hiak hiak. Normally I am very lazy to go out town but I need to get makeup and stuff. I tried on these outfits when I was in the shop. 
 Cute much? I know right ! ❤ I didn't buy this one >.< I kinda regret it now..
This is a top not a skirt, I wore a pair of shorts so you might think it's a skirt. 
I bought this top tho :) I might start to wear it during the holidays, two weeks to go! 
I bought three eyeliner :) Black. Brown. Blue. Now I am just sticking to pencil eyeliners, liquid ones change my look too much. I wanted to aim for a much natural look. Moreover, I don't use much make up anyway. These will last me one year or more. 
And also deodorant. Starting to use them more since summer is coming and I am beginning to sweat more ._. 

As you can see I have major dark circles. Not really obvious but still. This is the only recent landscape picture I can find. This is a original picture of my face ._. normally I would edit it but I just left it.. I kinda epic pfail on curling my hair but still it was good at the end. My makeup was kinda smudge cause it was end of school and it have been coming off. I love my top and shorts, uber cute. 
YAYY, another update done :3 I'll update soon again and reply peoples when I have time.Curentlty I have no time, I still need to sketch a cutie girl ;) I wanted to sketch her for a long time but I always seems to forget. EHEM, I have a forgetful mind. ISHH. byee. 

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