Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wahwah ❤

During my holidays, I drew her ! Yes, Wahwah Chea. Sorry if I drew her not very alike, but I try my best. Used 1 day to draw it so it's not bad. 
Some people mistaken her for me :x lol . She have so pretty eyes and not to mention her double eyelid .

Hover over to see the original picture. It's different size cause I zoomed in and crop some parts out. 

Anyway, check out her blog ? ❤ 

Stay tuned peeps. More to come.
I usually blog more then reply peoples. 

Enjoy this song from 2pm - Open Happiness

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


These are just random photos which were suppose to be blogged a long time ago. 
-non-uniform day #1 
-non-uniform day #2

-the night before I went to school with this hairstyle #1
-the night before I went to school with this hairstyle #2

 -the day I went to school with this hairstyle while then went to my friend's house just for fun. #1
 -the day I went to school with this hairstyle while then went to my friend's house just for fun. #2

 -the day I went to school with this hairstyle while then went to my friend's house just for fun. (my make up messed up when I came back home cause I used a pencil eyeliner) #3

That was abit random. lol. 
I should get a flickr or something to upload all this pictures.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Spring Updo.

Hello peoples! I look like an alien. lol. I have to admit that. My eyes are like huge here. 
I have brown eyes now ! Nahh, I edited them abit but they were brown originally cause I took it when I was standing beside the lamp.
I always just playing around with photoshop cause I was bored and I had too much time in my hand since it's the SUMMER HOLIDAYS. Good news is, I can quickly finish up request for you all. Bad news is, I am getting fatter and lazier and shorter. I have no idea why, I think I shrunk and lost some friends. Hmm, this is worrying /: Well , I still have some friends and also my boyfriend. Argue quite a lot with boyfriend. That was bad.

I replied everyone on my 1st acc today in one day. Quite proud. LOL. Next it's my 2nd acc and then the next day in my main blog and then my tutorial blog. I am working on the layout for my tutorial blog. Currently it's okay I guess. I just need to link up the stuff and then it's done to be reopened ! :] 

I did this tutorial well all I can say have a look at my result. Spring Updo.  

It's not tight enough. PHSJAJAJAJAKSKA. Looks so different. == It's not spring but I like this hairstyle. 

I did a drawing for my boyfriend ❤ I got lazy on drawing those strips on so I just didn't drew it on. I am such a lazy ass but my boyfriend doesn't mind it cause he loves me that me :') xD

I got some "HELLO PANDA" from a Chinese shopping complex cause I am awesome. They are yummy :3 I didn't dare to finish the whole box cause it was too cute ! T_T

That was my science practical. Pretty rainbows! C: I just had to upload it. 

Sorry for the random stuff in one post cause I wanted to sum up what I missed out in previous posts. All my stuff where everywhere and I didn't want to post it in separate posts cause I am lazy. lol. Wait until next update :D Probally it would be just pictures cause nothings going on at the moment since it's the holiday. I'm gonna lay in my bed and clean up my room. My room is such a mess. 

Until next time, I will blog more often ! 

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tagged by Tiffany

I was tagged in a "10 Things About Me" by Tiffany. Okay let's start.

The Rules:
- Each tagged person must tell things about themselves
- You have to choose and tag 10 person
- Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
- No tags back
- Have fun!

10 Things About Me:
✿ I haven't got any skirt in my wardrobe.
✿ I enjoy listening to kpop even though I don't know what they mean.
✿ I love christopher drew ❤
✿ I can't swin cause I drowned before.
✿ I don't use contact lens.
✿ I started using make up when I was 15.
✿ I enjoy holidays very much.
✿ I love peaceful walks with people I love.
✿ I love HUGS! ❤
✿ I love purple.

I'm going to tag these bloggers:
Holly, Linda, Hanako , Tyana , Belle , Fιsнy ♥ , Riska , Yen ,Yuan Ping

★ You do not have to do this tag but you are welcome to.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Out town.

Ohh hello. This is a belated post :x Went off to town with my boyish look. Casual and comfortable. Those ballet flats were my sisters, I stole them from her, hiak hiak. Normally I am very lazy to go out town but I need to get makeup and stuff. I tried on these outfits when I was in the shop. 
 Cute much? I know right ! ❤ I didn't buy this one >.< I kinda regret it now..
This is a top not a skirt, I wore a pair of shorts so you might think it's a skirt. 
I bought this top tho :) I might start to wear it during the holidays, two weeks to go! 
I bought three eyeliner :) Black. Brown. Blue. Now I am just sticking to pencil eyeliners, liquid ones change my look too much. I wanted to aim for a much natural look. Moreover, I don't use much make up anyway. These will last me one year or more. 
And also deodorant. Starting to use them more since summer is coming and I am beginning to sweat more ._. 

As you can see I have major dark circles. Not really obvious but still. This is the only recent landscape picture I can find. This is a original picture of my face ._. normally I would edit it but I just left it.. I kinda epic pfail on curling my hair but still it was good at the end. My makeup was kinda smudge cause it was end of school and it have been coming off. I love my top and shorts, uber cute. 
YAYY, another update done :3 I'll update soon again and reply peoples when I have time.Curentlty I have no time, I still need to sketch a cutie girl ;) I wanted to sketch her for a long time but I always seems to forget. EHEM, I have a forgetful mind. ISHH. byee. 

Sunday, 3 July 2011


HAR HAR HAR. I should have update ages ago but now I only updated >< Sowie. 
Strawberries and chocolate! Always the perfect match. ❤ 
I crave for strawberry these few days, they are really nice with chocolate. Some of them are really sweet, especially the dark red ones even without chocolate. YUMMY! 

I know I have been slacking a lot, I think it's cause I have many things in mind and I am very berry lazy to blog ._. I will update moreee after my work experience which is for two weeks which would start next week :3 YAYY. Can't wait for that. I have many backdated post, I will update when I have time. Wait for me ? :3 

I actually try my best not to put in too much emoticons to my blog post but I can't really help it cause I'm too used to typing with emoticons, for example like this -> xD I think I blog too random, I tend to go out of the topic but oh well. Who cares right ? 

Me and my boyfriend have been quite a lot of arguments during the end of June but it's okay now, it's July. I wish July will treat me better, I don't want to mess up my life, my brain even. Relationships sucks for me these few days. I hate choosing, I don't want to choose between one person and the other. Not exactly called as cheating cause I didn't choose both. I don't know what I am talking about actually -.- Anyway, one week of studying, two weeks of work experiance, three weeks to FREEDOM

Ohh I made a GIF during my free time. LOLL. Not really during my free time but it came out a bit different then I expected. 
HAHAHHAA. wth ._. The quality is so poor.

Enjoy some strawberries