Thursday, 9 June 2011

This is my personal blog so I can post what I feel like.

I just want to write this rant or what-so-ever before I go and die in revision world. LOL. It's sarcasm. ;D
why do you copy people and steal ?? 
Okay this question was asked in my formspring account.
I was just quite "lol" and also "wth" towards this question. First of all, I have no idea what he/she is talking about. Which person or people did I copy? What did I steal ? It's like, what's wrong with youuuu. It's formspring, not blogger, facebook or twitter. If you are talking about something specifically then say it.

LINK HEREE! :D if you want to see what I answered the anonymous.

Seriously people these days. Ohhh the thing I am annoyed is when people.. urgh. I don't want to talk about here or I'll get bashed in my formspring by oh so cool anons. Jokies. ;D It's actually about blog layout copyright stuff. Some people just don't seem to explore the whole blog and say ohh you copied BLAH BLAH BLAH.

It's a personal blog. What can you do about it ? Nothing. I don't mind people not crediting because crediting just makes my blog layout seem not nice in a personal way. BUT I hate people crediting themselves saying THEY DESIGNED the layout. If the person who personally designed it asks me to credit them then I would yeah just credit them to prevent arguments.

Even if you argue you can't really change the FACT that he/she used your blog layout for personal uses. Personal uses is DIFFERENT with distributing blogskin in It's their blog layout. Why do you care. It's just a blog layout. IT'S JUST A BLOG LAYOUT. True, it uses your time. But even it's time, it should be your spare time unless you are working as a part time blog layout designer. LOL. If you want to scold them, insult them, or what so ever for a long period of time I think it's just a waste of time. Personally I would just tell them to credit me and stay cool B)

Some people like to credit some people don't bother about it. Deal with it. It's just my opinion. Don't hate mehh.

I know I have been a bad girl for not replying my fellow bloggers but I'll do that after my exams. Sorrieeeee *puppy dog pout*

The main singer is HAWT. The drummer is UBER CUTE. 


  1. main singer : yonghwa
    drummer: dunno i only care abt YONGGHWWAA OPPAA

  2. HuiXin : HAHA,I'm not that familiar with the band name >.<
    Tze San : Me too ! :D High 5!


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