Sunday, 5 June 2011

Painters Of Sudbury

Wednesday, me and the family went to a restaurant called "Painters Of Sudbury" 
I ordered fish cakes! Yumm! Cod fishcakes. Quite appetizing. I just shared drinks with my sister. That's what I usually do when I go for breakfasts, I usually can't finish my drink. 
I also tired my sister's lasagna. That was really nice! All of their are handmade by them I think. And ohh the tea was nice! It had a pinch of sweetness in the tea. They serve it with a teapot and a jug of milk. Oh so cute ! ❤
They used to be a restaurant called Bentleys if you search it on google. 
If you have a chance to visit england, It's a great place to have breakfast or lunch. But it's if you ever visit Sudbury.  
Address : 11 Gainsborough Street Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2EU 

Outfit of the day. 
I got new glasses ;D Okay , I have fat legs like drumsticks okayy maybe not drumsticks :3 

Will reply people if I have time >.<

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