Sunday, 8 May 2011

Walton on the naze

I went to the Walton on the naze (beach) for my geography trip . Sat on the coach , on the way I just kept quite , I hate long bus rides >.< It makes me throw up . Once we reach ,urgh , it was so windy that day , my hair was covering my whole face. In the picture above I was trying to get my hair in a side . lol . Well we just had a look on the protected and unprotected area of the beach. After that we had our lunch in front of the sea . It was nice . The we went to the protected area to measure the height of those protections thingy called the groynes . Anyway , lets see the pictures . 

The unprotected area of the beach . 

The protected area. 

If you want to know how windy it was, this was how windy it was
As you can see , I'm the person with the white hoodie , glasses and black hair. lol. My hair was terrible that day cause of the wind ._. 

This guy is so cute . He drew spongebob on the beach . >< 

Took the coach back . It was quite a good day :) Love the beach and the sand ❤


  1. hehe You're so pretty Krystal<3 And omg such nice photos!

  2. Super Kristal! :D ; thank you very much! ^^

    ℒιn∂α ♡ ; aww, thank you linda! ♥ :D loveyou :3


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