Friday, 13 May 2011

Stuff and feelings.

Hello. This is another random update. Urgh, I suck at naming titles even after blogging for 2 years. As you can see, I have a new blogskin. lol. The sidebar is designed myself. OMG. It took me two days to fix the errors. But it turned out good like food. I sounded lame there -.- 

Okay enough about "blog stuff". Well, apparently I typed up most of my craps in this paragraph but sadly my blogger wanted to delete it. AHH. How nice :/ Okay , instead of typing it again, I'll just forget about it. I think mostly it's about relationships , friendships , bitches and studies.

I haven't been revising but I'll start like tomorrow once I finish my homework, while today is the FIRST DAY I forgot my ICT homework and I got to do it during lunch times. Pressure pressure. Omg. Maybe it's what I have been doing, sleeping at 12 midnight while waking up at 8.00am. I have been forgetting my homework and stuff... urgh. I have to get more sleep and rest. I hope I score well for this term's exam or I will die in my hole and quit facebook and tumblr :D Well, who can quit facebook ? I don't think anyone can :P

It have been 5 weeks after we broke up. I miss our old times, but it wasn't as pain as how I believed it would hurt. I finally realise I have let go, and forgive :) We are still friends, but not as close as last time. Anyways, we just met each other for 2 years. We were not actually that close but I knew our love was deep.

Past relationships.You need to forget them. Just ‘cause one guy hurt you doesn’t mean the next one will. Stop being so scared and doubtful all the time. Doubting is what ruins a relationship. Leave those other guys behind you and smile.
I will always remember to open my heart for the next guy to fall for me. To find happiness, you will need to take risks.

Here's a sample on my new chatbox background design. I'm still working on more backgrounds during my spare time before I release it with the codings included. Visit here for current designs. 
★ Please do not copy , re-edit , rip off my chatbox background designs or I'll rip your head off. Lol. Jokes. I'll hate you. Get your own design. 

 Do not re-edit my designs, as I know some of YOU guys out there have already re-edit my design. But I'll just leave them for now. 
 For example(s): 
★ Erasing all the images while using the borders again. WTF. Get your own borders design please. 
★ Adding more "images" to the design. 
★ CLAIMING THAT YOU DESIGN IT when you didn't edited anything off the background. 

It makes me HATE you a lot. 
If you want to use mine as base design at least make it not the same design. Change the colours AND fonts or whatever couldn't care less anymore.

Ohh, and don't you hate when someone asks you for help, they just clicks the website you gave them and just leave you like that and never say thank you. I hate those people... URGH.

I don't normally credit people for my blog template cause it's for personal use and I have the strange urge to remove it D: TROLOLOL. I might offend people but oh well, it's my blog. I can do whatever I want. 

Have a nice day :D 


  1. Hey gal :D How ya doing! haha :) Cheer up

  2. Heyy Tze san ! ;D I'm fine, how are you doing ? XD Thank you :) I will try to cheer up. ^^


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