Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sorry, I'm busy.

Here's a sneak peak on what's in the next post. 

Ps CS5 is in my hands from today :'D ❤ (thanks to a CUTE new friend I meet from blogger!) Previously used Ps3.
currently , I'm noobish while using ps , but I will add oil :3 (I was too excited until I blog this out) I didn't want to miss it out rite ? ;D 

I have exams coming up , that's why I didn't touch my blog or reply anyone. SORRY ! T_T *Revision mood is ON!* 

I only have a few minutes to blog awhile and let you all know , I will reply everyone's comments next week which is on 30/05/2011 That's the date I have my half-term holidays so wait for me! and thanks for the patients guys ! I love chuu  T_T~
Wish myself goodluck in my exams.. I really need them ._. 

I'm currently in sick mood, cold and sore throat. OMG. It's really bad to be sick before the week you have exams. Well, thanks peoples who care for me! C: I'm feeling dizzy cause of the medicine I ate so..

Thank you all for support and care ! ❤

Here's a cute song for you guys to relax! ;D

OHHH ! Shinee's replay , Japanese version is like AWESOME ! HEARTTTSSSSS ! ❤ You have to listen! I love those sneakers *0* And KEYYYYYYYY . He's so freaking cuteeee ! Heart melts'~ ❤ 

Thanks for staying tuned in my blog ! Ur always welcome here ! x'D 


  1. You're soooo cuuute! I hope you get well. See you on the 30th? :p

  2. Thank youu ! >< And I'll see you ;D


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