Sunday, 29 May 2011

Photo shoot

This photo shoot post took quite a long time but it's here ! 
My house's back alley (lorong)  

These two shots are the best shots among all. It was in my school's dance studio, which explains why I am wearing my school uniform. 

My first picture which I didn't smile. lol. Eye bags. fucshasjalsjgffhd. Jokes. 

Me with my sister. I hate my teeth. 

Shots in my room. I especially like this one. 

Thank you for reading ❤

Comments will be replied soon. Ohh there's NEW cute chatbox ! Click and have a look ;D

More chatbox backgrounds to come after my exams, 
I have to revise on this half-term holiday so I won't be editing much stuff. After half-term holiday it's my exams, two exam to go, MATHS & GEOGRAPHY. Aza aza fighting! XD I also won't be on facebook unless you find me in facebook inbox. 

BUT I will be updating my blog since my blog is like half dead already. lol. Stay-tuned. Cheers xx

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