Monday, 2 May 2011

Ipswichh ! ❤

26 April 2011
(this is like a week ago, I have to update quicker. lol.) 

white t-shirt , jeaggings and my favourite coat ! ❤ It looks like a boy's football jacket but it's awesomee!

makeup for the day , white and black eyeliner. 

We had a car wash as the car was quite , I mean VERY dirty. lol. So I used the time to camwhoree . I didn't upload much as I am afraid that it might make this post quite long for you guys to read. 
Me and my lil'sister . trololol . 
Anyway, when we were half way to Ipwich we saw this amazinggg place so my dad stopped the car to let us take some photos . 
I some how like this random shot . Lol .

LOLLLLLLLLLL . Just for laughs . (but it's real)  
This is one of the reason I never smile with my teeth open ._. 

Amazing place , cool and calm . It was quite a windy day so my eyes aren't open as wide as they are . Had fun taking photos . 

Finally reach Ipswich! :) 
I was in Primark . I had a try on the skirt , erm.. makes me look short ._. I lovee the short jeans . They are so cute ! But I bought black ones cause they ran out of my size . 

After shopping and walking we went to burger king for lunch . ONOMNOM . lol . 
Camwhore-d in the toilet , Owh , I found out the taps turn on by themselves when my sister told me cause I was wondering how to turn it on ._. Tsk , I'm such a retard D: Owhhh ! I'm the tallest among my sisters . x'D 
I bought a new stripy bag ! ❤ I particularly like stripes . lol . 

After lunch , we drove to marko , which is a place which looks like this ▼
BHAHAHA , I was too bored in there so I took some random pictures . 
Rabbit teeth >_< I want braces so badly but the dentist said if you want braces you need to pay for them ._. Not fair.. 

Went back home to have dinner , Online and then went to sleep . Urh , yeah . Nothing much happen , I enjoyed the times that I wasn't on facebook , I get to forget all the bad memories :) 

Anyway , last picture to end this post ;)
I have chubby fingers here >_< 


  1. You are so pretty dear! :D <3
    And oooh looks like you had fun and your jacket is love! *o*

  2. Thanks love ! ^^❤
    I did actually. xD And I love the jacket too *_* I fell in love with it. xD


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