Monday, 30 May 2011

Food and bits which I missed.

Cause I like to start my post with a picture of myself. 

So here's a few snap shots (It goes in date order but I can't be bothered to type the date up so enjoy! 
My favourite childhood sweet , SUGUS! 

Favourite chocolate cereal bar at the moment (SQUARES) 

Ohh ! This is the chocolate which my teacher gave me for a science quiz or something. 

These are sausage rolls which my sister made for her food lesson . YUMM ! Contains cheese and sweet corn too. 
Homesushi which we usually have for dinner sometimes :3  Loveeee them ! ❤ 

Here's a print screen of me with a crunchie chocolate bar when I was skyping iwth my bestie/hubbie :3 

FULL SHINee Replay Japanese Version / 君は僕の Everything 
Click for better MV quality.Watch in HD. 

Teamin's sneakers (the flame ones) are just hawttt ! Teamin's sudden stop/slow mo is so so so so so so hawtt . *hearts melts* 
Key's nerd glasses are just so cute on him ! Awwww ! All their sneakers are so nice >< Each of them have their different style. 

I'm totally addicted to this song ❤

Life is currently fine for me. Feelings are being controlled by blogging all my feelings to it. I normally put all my feelings to my private blog since my friends or sisters or siblings can see it here. C: I miss him. Actually I miss the time when we can joke around without worrying that we would offend each other. It makes me feel that I can be myself around him. I really do enjoy this feeling. 

I should be enjoying my holiday but I am stuck with REVISION. I might be out down town for breakfast tomorrow. Yumm, english breakfast. 

OHHH ! And happy birthday to my dear wifey! ❤ She's so cutee ! 
She's 30 May , I'm 30 March . 30th twins XD
I love her very much ❤ Milolim .
Hope you always happy , pretty , healthy , lovely, and sweet ! Muahh ! ❤ 
Sang yat fai lok !

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