Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Art portraits

Over edited much. lol. Oh well, this will do :3 Eye bags, kill me now. Jokes. My hair is growing. My fringe is growing, time to trim it by myself in order to save money. I once gave my mum to cut my fringe, I HATED it after I took a picture of it.
Anyway , here are my recents a.k.a old art works which I didn't have time to upload but since I have time here they are. 

★ Self-Portrait 1
Charcoal & chalk 

★ Self-Portrait 2 
Charcoal & chalk 

Half done Self-Portrait 3
Blue & White paint.

My face changes each potrait I draw. lol. 
Short update here, and yes, I have replied my peeps in blogger yesterday. YAYYY, I love receiving comments from them. I'll reply when I have time. 

Owh, I'm getting new glasses cause I always stare at the computer screen 24/7. Brown ones this time, Half frame, woohoo. My face is too big, when I was at the opticians, I couldn't choose most of them cause it didn't fit me cause they were too small to fit me.

Okay bye, I have to revise and sleep, I don't want to have deep? dark? eyebags anymore. I will be back on 30th May :D Half-term holiday, Oh yessss ! 


  1. cool on the first picture! how'd you do it? followed you too!

  2. Puffy wah : Thank you cutieee ! <3

    Chocolate lover♥ : Thank you ! :D I drew it using charcoal while I attached some paper on the side to make the paper bigger. LOL. thank you very much!


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