Monday, 30 May 2011

Food and bits which I missed.

Cause I like to start my post with a picture of myself. 

So here's a few snap shots (It goes in date order but I can't be bothered to type the date up so enjoy! 
My favourite childhood sweet , SUGUS! 

Favourite chocolate cereal bar at the moment (SQUARES) 

Ohh ! This is the chocolate which my teacher gave me for a science quiz or something. 

These are sausage rolls which my sister made for her food lesson . YUMM ! Contains cheese and sweet corn too. 
Homesushi which we usually have for dinner sometimes :3  Loveeee them ! ❤ 

Here's a print screen of me with a crunchie chocolate bar when I was skyping iwth my bestie/hubbie :3 

FULL SHINee Replay Japanese Version / 君は僕の Everything 
Click for better MV quality.Watch in HD. 

Teamin's sneakers (the flame ones) are just hawttt ! Teamin's sudden stop/slow mo is so so so so so so hawtt . *hearts melts* 
Key's nerd glasses are just so cute on him ! Awwww ! All their sneakers are so nice >< Each of them have their different style. 

I'm totally addicted to this song ❤

Life is currently fine for me. Feelings are being controlled by blogging all my feelings to it. I normally put all my feelings to my private blog since my friends or sisters or siblings can see it here. C: I miss him. Actually I miss the time when we can joke around without worrying that we would offend each other. It makes me feel that I can be myself around him. I really do enjoy this feeling. 

I should be enjoying my holiday but I am stuck with REVISION. I might be out down town for breakfast tomorrow. Yumm, english breakfast. 

OHHH ! And happy birthday to my dear wifey! ❤ She's so cutee ! 
She's 30 May , I'm 30 March . 30th twins XD
I love her very much ❤ Milolim .
Hope you always happy , pretty , healthy , lovely, and sweet ! Muahh ! ❤ 
Sang yat fai lok !

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Photo shoot

This photo shoot post took quite a long time but it's here ! 
My house's back alley (lorong)  

These two shots are the best shots among all. It was in my school's dance studio, which explains why I am wearing my school uniform. 

My first picture which I didn't smile. lol. Eye bags. fucshasjalsjgffhd. Jokes. 

Me with my sister. I hate my teeth. 

Shots in my room. I especially like this one. 

Thank you for reading ❤

Comments will be replied soon. Ohh there's NEW cute chatbox ! Click and have a look ;D

More chatbox backgrounds to come after my exams, 
I have to revise on this half-term holiday so I won't be editing much stuff. After half-term holiday it's my exams, two exam to go, MATHS & GEOGRAPHY. Aza aza fighting! XD I also won't be on facebook unless you find me in facebook inbox. 

BUT I will be updating my blog since my blog is like half dead already. lol. Stay-tuned. Cheers xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Art portraits

Over edited much. lol. Oh well, this will do :3 Eye bags, kill me now. Jokes. My hair is growing. My fringe is growing, time to trim it by myself in order to save money. I once gave my mum to cut my fringe, I HATED it after I took a picture of it.
Anyway , here are my recents a.k.a old art works which I didn't have time to upload but since I have time here they are. 

★ Self-Portrait 1
Charcoal & chalk 

★ Self-Portrait 2 
Charcoal & chalk 

Half done Self-Portrait 3
Blue & White paint.

My face changes each potrait I draw. lol. 
Short update here, and yes, I have replied my peeps in blogger yesterday. YAYYY, I love receiving comments from them. I'll reply when I have time. 

Owh, I'm getting new glasses cause I always stare at the computer screen 24/7. Brown ones this time, Half frame, woohoo. My face is too big, when I was at the opticians, I couldn't choose most of them cause it didn't fit me cause they were too small to fit me.

Okay bye, I have to revise and sleep, I don't want to have deep? dark? eyebags anymore. I will be back on 30th May :D Half-term holiday, Oh yessss ! 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sorry, I'm busy.

Here's a sneak peak on what's in the next post. 

Ps CS5 is in my hands from today :'D ❤ (thanks to a CUTE new friend I meet from blogger!) Previously used Ps3.
currently , I'm noobish while using ps , but I will add oil :3 (I was too excited until I blog this out) I didn't want to miss it out rite ? ;D 

I have exams coming up , that's why I didn't touch my blog or reply anyone. SORRY ! T_T *Revision mood is ON!* 

I only have a few minutes to blog awhile and let you all know , I will reply everyone's comments next week which is on 30/05/2011 That's the date I have my half-term holidays so wait for me! and thanks for the patients guys ! I love chuu  T_T~
Wish myself goodluck in my exams.. I really need them ._. 

I'm currently in sick mood, cold and sore throat. OMG. It's really bad to be sick before the week you have exams. Well, thanks peoples who care for me! C: I'm feeling dizzy cause of the medicine I ate so..

Thank you all for support and care ! ❤

Here's a cute song for you guys to relax! ;D

OHHH ! Shinee's replay , Japanese version is like AWESOME ! HEARTTTSSSSS ! ❤ You have to listen! I love those sneakers *0* And KEYYYYYYYY . He's so freaking cuteeee ! Heart melts'~ ❤ 

Thanks for staying tuned in my blog ! Ur always welcome here ! x'D 

Friday, 13 May 2011

Stuff and feelings.

Hello. This is another random update. Urgh, I suck at naming titles even after blogging for 2 years. As you can see, I have a new blogskin. lol. The sidebar is designed myself. OMG. It took me two days to fix the errors. But it turned out good like food. I sounded lame there -.- 

Okay enough about "blog stuff". Well, apparently I typed up most of my craps in this paragraph but sadly my blogger wanted to delete it. AHH. How nice :/ Okay , instead of typing it again, I'll just forget about it. I think mostly it's about relationships , friendships , bitches and studies.

I haven't been revising but I'll start like tomorrow once I finish my homework, while today is the FIRST DAY I forgot my ICT homework and I got to do it during lunch times. Pressure pressure. Omg. Maybe it's what I have been doing, sleeping at 12 midnight while waking up at 8.00am. I have been forgetting my homework and stuff... urgh. I have to get more sleep and rest. I hope I score well for this term's exam or I will die in my hole and quit facebook and tumblr :D Well, who can quit facebook ? I don't think anyone can :P

It have been 5 weeks after we broke up. I miss our old times, but it wasn't as pain as how I believed it would hurt. I finally realise I have let go, and forgive :) We are still friends, but not as close as last time. Anyways, we just met each other for 2 years. We were not actually that close but I knew our love was deep.

Past relationships.You need to forget them. Just ‘cause one guy hurt you doesn’t mean the next one will. Stop being so scared and doubtful all the time. Doubting is what ruins a relationship. Leave those other guys behind you and smile.
I will always remember to open my heart for the next guy to fall for me. To find happiness, you will need to take risks.

Here's a sample on my new chatbox background design. I'm still working on more backgrounds during my spare time before I release it with the codings included. Visit here for current designs. 
★ Please do not copy , re-edit , rip off my chatbox background designs or I'll rip your head off. Lol. Jokes. I'll hate you. Get your own design. 

 Do not re-edit my designs, as I know some of YOU guys out there have already re-edit my design. But I'll just leave them for now. 
 For example(s): 
★ Erasing all the images while using the borders again. WTF. Get your own borders design please. 
★ Adding more "images" to the design. 
★ CLAIMING THAT YOU DESIGN IT when you didn't edited anything off the background. 

It makes me HATE you a lot. 
If you want to use mine as base design at least make it not the same design. Change the colours AND fonts or whatever couldn't care less anymore.

Ohh, and don't you hate when someone asks you for help, they just clicks the website you gave them and just leave you like that and never say thank you. I hate those people... URGH.

I don't normally credit people for my blog template cause it's for personal use and I have the strange urge to remove it D: TROLOLOL. I might offend people but oh well, it's my blog. I can do whatever I want. 

Have a nice day :D 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Walton on the naze

I went to the Walton on the naze (beach) for my geography trip . Sat on the coach , on the way I just kept quite , I hate long bus rides >.< It makes me throw up . Once we reach ,urgh , it was so windy that day , my hair was covering my whole face. In the picture above I was trying to get my hair in a side . lol . Well we just had a look on the protected and unprotected area of the beach. After that we had our lunch in front of the sea . It was nice . The we went to the protected area to measure the height of those protections thingy called the groynes . Anyway , lets see the pictures . 

The unprotected area of the beach . 

The protected area. 

If you want to know how windy it was, this was how windy it was
As you can see , I'm the person with the white hoodie , glasses and black hair. lol. My hair was terrible that day cause of the wind ._. 

This guy is so cute . He drew spongebob on the beach . >< 

Took the coach back . It was quite a good day :) Love the beach and the sand ❤

Monday, 2 May 2011

Ipswichh ! ❤

26 April 2011
(this is like a week ago, I have to update quicker. lol.) 

white t-shirt , jeaggings and my favourite coat ! ❤ It looks like a boy's football jacket but it's awesomee!

makeup for the day , white and black eyeliner. 

We had a car wash as the car was quite , I mean VERY dirty. lol. So I used the time to camwhoree . I didn't upload much as I am afraid that it might make this post quite long for you guys to read. 
Me and my lil'sister . trololol . 
Anyway, when we were half way to Ipwich we saw this amazinggg place so my dad stopped the car to let us take some photos . 
I some how like this random shot . Lol .

LOLLLLLLLLLL . Just for laughs . (but it's real)  
This is one of the reason I never smile with my teeth open ._. 

Amazing place , cool and calm . It was quite a windy day so my eyes aren't open as wide as they are . Had fun taking photos . 

Finally reach Ipswich! :) 
I was in Primark . I had a try on the skirt , erm.. makes me look short ._. I lovee the short jeans . They are so cute ! But I bought black ones cause they ran out of my size . 

After shopping and walking we went to burger king for lunch . ONOMNOM . lol . 
Camwhore-d in the toilet , Owh , I found out the taps turn on by themselves when my sister told me cause I was wondering how to turn it on ._. Tsk , I'm such a retard D: Owhhh ! I'm the tallest among my sisters . x'D 
I bought a new stripy bag ! ❤ I particularly like stripes . lol . 

After lunch , we drove to marko , which is a place which looks like this ▼
BHAHAHA , I was too bored in there so I took some random pictures . 
Rabbit teeth >_< I want braces so badly but the dentist said if you want braces you need to pay for them ._. Not fair.. 

Went back home to have dinner , Online and then went to sleep . Urh , yeah . Nothing much happen , I enjoyed the times that I wasn't on facebook , I get to forget all the bad memories :) 

Anyway , last picture to end this post ;)
I have chubby fingers here >_<