Monday, 18 April 2011

Update ! ❤

My lips was not dry that day and I had no pimple on my cheeks area ! And it was a sunny day ❤
( This is lens flare effect in photoshop CS3. Have a try , go to Filter > Render > Lens flare ) Great effect, recommended !

Back to updating my blog ! Sorry I didn't update as often then I would , I have a lot of photos to upload but I have no to time to post them up >.<

Remember this post ? I had a late birthday present from my twin . Hand cream and a card . The hand cream is made from France >.< Expensive much ! Thank you ❤
This is him . Even though he doesn't look like me but I still call him my twin cause we have a lot in common . Lol . Pretty lame . 

* random *
My dad bought the new pringles ! Multi grain . Quite tasty ! Must buy ;D

makeup or no makeup ? I look ridiculous but , if you want to choose for yourself , would you prefer makeup or none on ? or just some ? I think most will agree on some makeup .

(I cannot really makeup myself >.< I am still learning .)

Have a look at these two blogs . 
miyake is so pretty ! ❤
Yutakis handsome face just melts my heart ! ❤ 
It's A W E S O M E !
lol . such a fan girl I am . 

Sorry for late replies as I will try to update my blog to keep my readers , lol . while at the same time I will try to reply all of you as soon as I can . Even if it's on my facebook or my blogger , I will reply you as soon as I can . 

I have been so busy ! Homework and bunch of stuff , this holiday is like nothing to me . Lol . But I can consider is a holiday as I can chill . 

I am not ignoring you all , I just have no time to reply you all >.< don't hate me ._. 



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