Saturday, 16 April 2011

Out ;)

shopping day with family

Makeup that day, just put on white eyeliner and mascara. Simple makeup. 
New top , hoodie , skinny jeans , Nike bag , favourite necklace ! ❤

Took picture with sisters in the lift . There were no one there so I took out me camera . Lol . 
Chubby me -.- and older sister . 

Bought 100 PLUS and Milo . Long time I didn't drink >.<

Morning ate a bowl of noodles , reach the super market , went to eat dim sum then just went shopping as usual , bought so many food , well mainly what we bought is food . 

During that shopping time, we saw the cuteee baby >.< The baby was one of the uncle in my dad's working place. Lol. Aiyahhhh ~ he's so cute! ❤ He hold my finger using his small little hand and fingers. 很可爱啊~!! I was wondering, if I get a baby so cute like that, also not bad. HAHAHA! Daydream again. 

Okay back to the topic , after shopping , we went to my cousin's house. She made spaghetti and it tasted really good ! Loved it and then watched a moved based on underground railway train , filmed in korea with english voice. GENG GENG (great/awesome). Didn't watch the whole movie due to time. lol. 

After visiting in my cousins new house. We went to the Indian curry take away. Nice dinner , had a shower then slept. I didn't facebook much that day , everything was much erm , less stress ? xD Sometimes , I'd like to get away from my laptop. Have you ever got the feeling that you must go online even if you are just gonna stare at the monitor ? lol. I always have this feeling when I'm at home. 

Blue contact lens . 
Edited gea . Look real ? xD

That's all for this post ❤

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