Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blissful walk.

Easter holiday! 
No edits , No makeup , I'm lazy ;p 
Sunny day , love it much ❤ ! 
Had a blissful walk with a friend . 
This is my friend, Aaron, if you often read my blog you would know who he is. lol. I love his eyes and hair ! His eyes are light brown ! >.< Jealous much ! While his hair changes colour in different season :') I wish to have my hair like that so that I don't need to always dye my hair to change the colours. xD 
He is so skinny ! :( Jealous much ! He says he always does "exercise" which makes him "skinny" But I think it's just his type ;P We chatted tons ! :') Epic moments. His orange jumper was too erm, eye catching. LOL. I could see him even he's a mile away. XD 

He showed off his phone :P (He's a freaking show off) There was this app which scans your finger print and I had a go at it, it said I was feeling "paranoid" lol. okay maybe I am xD

I hope my boyfriend doesn't get jealous when he see's this post ;P 

He was taking me around Sudbury which is the place I live to have a walk. I didn't know my way around there (cause I just stayed at home for the past year. lol) so he took a mickey out of me and almost left me alone and lost :( but he treat me quite good, he didn't left me alone at the end . We walked quite a lot untill I got a blister ¬.¬  Anyway, it was a great sunny day . 
Enjoyed it ! ❤ 
It was a day to forget all stress . 


  1. Which place is that ?
    Look so great..

  2. sudbury , suffolk .
    it's a countryside place :) heees .


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