Saturday, 30 April 2011

Dilemma ?

Here's a sneak peak for the next update ;) 

Okay , this is the dilemma I'm having . 

Should I update my blog ?
or should I finish editing my NEW blog layout ?

urgh >< blame myself for being lazy for the past few days .  
Wait for me ! ❤ (If I manage it to do both at the same time that would be great) 

Do you wanna see a new update ? or new blog layout ? 
Leave a comment below here ^^ or just leave a message on my chatbox . 

Friday, 22 April 2011


September 2009 `

6th - I was just randomly chatting with him. He sounded so sweet ! ❤ He was so innocent that time ! I used to call him mr.john. Lol. I always chat with him on msn. We always webcam. Every week there must be a day that we would webcam. We always make sure both of us online, if we didn't we would tell each other. 

7th - The day I said yes . I still remembered the awkward conversation after I said yes. 
Girl : So we are girlfriend and boyfriend now ?
Boy : Yeahh.
Girl : You are my boyfriend. I am your girlfriend. 
 HAHA . Thinking back makes me feel so stupid of myself. Lol. 

12th - Not much people know we are in a relationship , I just acted like nothing happened in my blog. Lol. It was a normal day webcam-ing with him.   

25th - It's was the day you made a blog just for me. I was really touched ! :')

October 2009 `-SKIP-

November 2009 `

7th - The day he got fed up on me asking why he liked me , why he love me. I felt really angry that time. I didn't know why he didn't gave me an answer or maybe the answer I wanted..  

28th - I was really quite happy that day, I uploaded a picture of me in a skirt , like first time ever in a few years . I told him that the skirt doesn't suit me, and he said, that's cause you are slim. HAHAHA ! 

December 2009 `

1st - I dreamt of him again.. memorable dream, he looked so real.  

31st -  I wrote a blog post for him cause I was kinda sad when he left his msn without saying goodbye to me , I wrote how we meet and how we became a couple. ❤ 
3 months 3 weeks 3 days 
 I didn't know we could last that long but I'm glad we did. I promise that I will never let you go if you will promise me too ❤

January 2010 ` 

2nd - He's not online to chat with me. No messages from him. Even my inbox is full , I don't want to delete the messages on my phone, I wanted to keep it. 

February 2010 `

13th - I baked some jam tarts for him, even though he stays in a different country but it's heart that counts right ?

14th - The day I texted quite a lot with my boyfriend. It was fun texting with him. I was really happy.  First valentines' with him ❤

28th - First birthday post for him , I sang a birthday song. It sounded horrible, I cannot sing. D: 

March 2010 `

16th - Our love grew fonder, closer to each other. He sent me a facebook relationship request. I was like hyper happy ! ❤ I didn't know he would cause he had a lot of relatives adding him and he didn't want them to know.. but he sent me the request at the end. 

21st - Chatted with him again. I wrote 我爱你 on a piece of paper, I wanted to make it like Chinese calligraphic, cause he loves Chinese calligraphy.  But end up a big fail, I didn't know how to write chinese much, so it's not very nice. 

27th - Cried for him, I have NO IDEA why. I was touched that day cause he still remember how long we have been together 6 months 2 weeks 4 days . He still remembers when we started, 07.09.09 There was one night, he said, "Dear I'm hungy, cook for me." I say I didn't know how to cook, I just know how to boil white rice, then he said, "White rice also yummy cause is dear cook gea" :') 
I actually started to cook, as you can see, I fry a burger for breakfast, I wanted to cook a meal for him. So that he would be happy. 

April 2010 `

2nd - I texted my boyfriend but he didn't reply me.. I started to wear my ring that my mum gave me as a birthday present, it makes me feel that I'm married with him. Randomly/IDK why, I had some icing, so I made shapes of I ❤ U and edited the word 我愛你 on it .

11th - The days I called him and listened to his sweet voice. I was so nervous while I was on the phone with him >< 

18th - I had a habit of calling him now, I ran out credit that day but for him it's worth it. We were having a problem, I could call him but he cannot call me. LOL. He was having holiday in Penang that day. It was a month that I didn't MSN/webcam with him. 

May 2010 `

2nd - I started to decorate my notepad with him name. Lol. I was madly in love with him. 

14th - Random day, I wrote J ❤ K on my hand. I had a new laptop, so now I can online everyday without any disturbance, I thought it was good but john didn't online much.. he's always busy. 

19th - I found out that I was the first to post on his wall, LOL . I was kinda better nothing to do actually. 

20th - 520 day today. It means 我愛你. We both said 520 to each other. 

June 2010 `

20th - We broke up.. I think he likes another girl so he gave up on our love.  

21st -  I start to stop blogging.. 

24th - I didn't had any mood to blog.. It's like I blog for him.. I had advices from milolim (wifey) She accompany me, I really thank her that time! ❤ 

July 2010 `

22nd - He wants me back, he really wants me back, I was really really happy. So I accept him. 

31st - We argued cause of facebook relationship status , I should have just put in a relationship with him and stop arguements but I didn't do that, I planed to put it on single. Lol. I was foolish. 

August 2010 `-SKIP-

September 2010 `

2nd - I felt really "hang fuk" I had sweet conversations with him. I really loved those days. 

7th - It was our 1 year Anniversary, (even we broke up for 33 days I counted them in) I sent a  love letter to him. I hope he really loved it. I hope he still keep it in a safe place. 

20th - It was when my love life wasn't a problem I told myself. I miss his voice ❤ 

October 2010 `

9th - Teacher offered us some homemade paint and asked up to decorate our chemistry book. Every time I open my chemistry book I always remember him. Argued with him that day, but it was nothing after a while, we forgive each other. 

24th - He wasn't online for 8 days. I really miss him very much. Online was the only way we could talk. If we text or call it would cost too much money.. 

28th - Babysitting day. I was bored so I went on facebook, we chatted as usual, he ask me what I was doing, I said baby sitting. And then he said next time I babysit with you. HAHA. Sor lou. 

November & December 2010 `-SKIP- 

January 2011 `

11th - I wrote a very long essay / message to him . he was speechless . Lol .
but he didn't write back a essay for me as he says he is not an essay person .
but never mind I love him very much ❤ 

13th - 459days with him the unofficial one (incudes breakup) .  I miss him again . He didn't online for few days . I miss him like hell .

our love song. 记得.
remember ❤ remember this song forever ❤ remember you forever ❤

Febuary 2011 `

13th - I called him on the phone, his voice.. I still love his voice ❤ But on facebook he said I wasted money cause I phoned him.. I really was kinda sad.. I really wanted to listen to his voice..

14th - 2nd Valentines with him. This year wasn't sweeter then the other year.. We didn't even text each other.  I didn't even get anything.. but it's heart that counts :) At least he said happy valentines to me. I am already very happy. 
But he said.. don't send anything to me, waste money only.

20th - 500 days with him . I am proud of having him as my boyfriend ❤

March 2011 `

1st - It was the second year we celebrate your birthday together. I sent him a birthday card. 我愛你,老公。❤ 
** When he received the card, he told me not to send anymore to him.. So I stopped. I didn't want to send him anymore.. I didn't want him to be angry of me just cause I sent him a birthday card. 

16th - It's not offically the day we got engaged to each other. I just late bloged about it. but I was very happy that time when he accepted that relationship request. It makes me feel that we grow closer to each other  ❤

27th - The day I read this blog article I wrote a note for him , it was the same feeling I got for my boyfriend. I don't know he saw it or not.. 
You told me that you feel tired of this relationship. You said you're not happy with me. Do you know I am keep improving myself and trying my best to satisfy you? Why are you so cruel to me? Why after one year you only tell me that we are not suitable? I am so behave and loyal to you. If I did something wrong, you can just direct me and surely I will change my mistake, can give me the reason? Any problems, we can improve together isn't? There are no couples are perfectly together, every couple have their own problem. Isn't? ='(
After a few days we didn't had much problem until April came...

April 2011 `

We had an argument again. It's mainly cause of me. I am sorry I hurt you. 

21st - He said he wanted to be single, I just agree with him. I don't want to force him.. Thank you for the 558 days. ❤ I really enjoyed it.  Officially, 1year 6months 2weeks. It was like yesterday we had a happy day together. I respect his decision, I respect him as a boyfriend. 

I have to give up on him ? I can't . Like, how could I ? Remember the sweet , happy , sad moments with him.. I really cherish them . He just said.. wait till we older. We might get another chance again. I just hope we have another chance.. 

I cried yesterday night, even if I promised him not to cry. I can't hold them in. I rather cry out. It left me with blocked nose in the next day. How many times I cried for him.. is also worth it . When I remembered all the sweet moments with him, everything that reminded of him I wanted to cry.. even my phone, when I bought my phone I matched the colour with his phone, black and red. I could have got the voilet one but I didn't. 

I just hate the feeling when someone stops calling you Dear , 老婆 , Babe and other sweet names. I miss the time he said I miss you and I love you. It's like you did so much stuff for him , you changed for him , you sacrifice something for him yet you lose him.

It was quite a long time for a long distance relationship. It wasn't difficult at the start cause we trust each other so much, but as time pass rumors appeared, misunderstandings happen. I think we both couldn't take it many more. I misunderstand him for twice. I hurt him twice

It's just a relationship , we still have friendship. I hope. I still want to be friends with him. I want it to be like last time.. I wished I could still talk to him like how I used to last time.. I just hope. I hope this don't make our friendship disappear too. 


Monday, 18 April 2011

Update ! ❤

My lips was not dry that day and I had no pimple on my cheeks area ! And it was a sunny day ❤
( This is lens flare effect in photoshop CS3. Have a try , go to Filter > Render > Lens flare ) Great effect, recommended !

Back to updating my blog ! Sorry I didn't update as often then I would , I have a lot of photos to upload but I have no to time to post them up >.<

Remember this post ? I had a late birthday present from my twin . Hand cream and a card . The hand cream is made from France >.< Expensive much ! Thank you ❤
This is him . Even though he doesn't look like me but I still call him my twin cause we have a lot in common . Lol . Pretty lame . 

* random *
My dad bought the new pringles ! Multi grain . Quite tasty ! Must buy ;D

makeup or no makeup ? I look ridiculous but , if you want to choose for yourself , would you prefer makeup or none on ? or just some ? I think most will agree on some makeup .

(I cannot really makeup myself >.< I am still learning .)

Have a look at these two blogs . 
miyake is so pretty ! ❤
Yutakis handsome face just melts my heart ! ❤ 
It's A W E S O M E !
lol . such a fan girl I am . 

Sorry for late replies as I will try to update my blog to keep my readers , lol . while at the same time I will try to reply all of you as soon as I can . Even if it's on my facebook or my blogger , I will reply you as soon as I can . 

I have been so busy ! Homework and bunch of stuff , this holiday is like nothing to me . Lol . But I can consider is a holiday as I can chill . 

I am not ignoring you all , I just have no time to reply you all >.< don't hate me ._. 


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Out ;)

shopping day with family

Makeup that day, just put on white eyeliner and mascara. Simple makeup. 
New top , hoodie , skinny jeans , Nike bag , favourite necklace ! ❤

Took picture with sisters in the lift . There were no one there so I took out me camera . Lol . 
Chubby me -.- and older sister . 

Bought 100 PLUS and Milo . Long time I didn't drink >.<

Morning ate a bowl of noodles , reach the super market , went to eat dim sum then just went shopping as usual , bought so many food , well mainly what we bought is food . 

During that shopping time, we saw the cuteee baby >.< The baby was one of the uncle in my dad's working place. Lol. Aiyahhhh ~ he's so cute! ❤ He hold my finger using his small little hand and fingers. 很可爱啊~!! I was wondering, if I get a baby so cute like that, also not bad. HAHAHA! Daydream again. 

Okay back to the topic , after shopping , we went to my cousin's house. She made spaghetti and it tasted really good ! Loved it and then watched a moved based on underground railway train , filmed in korea with english voice. GENG GENG (great/awesome). Didn't watch the whole movie due to time. lol. 

After visiting in my cousins new house. We went to the Indian curry take away. Nice dinner , had a shower then slept. I didn't facebook much that day , everything was much erm , less stress ? xD Sometimes , I'd like to get away from my laptop. Have you ever got the feeling that you must go online even if you are just gonna stare at the monitor ? lol. I always have this feeling when I'm at home. 

Blue contact lens . 
Edited gea . Look real ? xD

That's all for this post ❤

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blissful walk.

Easter holiday! 
No edits , No makeup , I'm lazy ;p 
Sunny day , love it much ❤ ! 
Had a blissful walk with a friend . 
This is my friend, Aaron, if you often read my blog you would know who he is. lol. I love his eyes and hair ! His eyes are light brown ! >.< Jealous much ! While his hair changes colour in different season :') I wish to have my hair like that so that I don't need to always dye my hair to change the colours. xD 
He is so skinny ! :( Jealous much ! He says he always does "exercise" which makes him "skinny" But I think it's just his type ;P We chatted tons ! :') Epic moments. His orange jumper was too erm, eye catching. LOL. I could see him even he's a mile away. XD 

He showed off his phone :P (He's a freaking show off) There was this app which scans your finger print and I had a go at it, it said I was feeling "paranoid" lol. okay maybe I am xD

I hope my boyfriend doesn't get jealous when he see's this post ;P 

He was taking me around Sudbury which is the place I live to have a walk. I didn't know my way around there (cause I just stayed at home for the past year. lol) so he took a mickey out of me and almost left me alone and lost :( but he treat me quite good, he didn't left me alone at the end . We walked quite a lot untill I got a blister ¬.¬  Anyway, it was a great sunny day . 
Enjoyed it ! ❤ 
It was a day to forget all stress .