Monday, 7 March 2011

School and random stuff

Update now ! This post is just about random stuff . There are quite a lot of photos x)

cute "angpow" I got for CNY this year . R A B B I T ❤
as you can see I have just a few "angpow" >_< aiks .


my drawing for art , last term.. xD
Me and my friend Charlie was brought out from our art lesson to another room to continue our work cause we are "SPECIAL" ;D You should know him if you read my past post . Then I got bored and took some pictures . 
As you can see there is non of us together . LOL . I think it's cause he doesn't like taking photos with me . 

This is a small bar of chocolate which I haven't eat . Lol . It was actually a small gift from my friend when she went to Australia for a trip . 

The middle building is mine while the two beside it is my friends . This is actually my mini project for my Graphics lesson . I took quite a long time to make it , especially when I cut the wood to shape >_< But at last I was satisfy with it . 

HAHAHHA . This is my results for last term . At last I reach all my benchmark ( my aims ) :D

This is a letter I got to go for "well done tea" It's the time when you get to get out of ur lesson to go to this tea time . Lol . Apparently I forget and they had to get a teacher to get me from my lesson . Lol . Scary time :S Ohh and I got a chocolate when I was there cause I am "SPECIAL" LOL! No lar , I just done well in school . HOHOHO . 
Inside the chocolate bird , there's chocolate buttons . OMNOMNOMNOM . 

This is my improved self-portrait from this post. But it's still not good enough :/ 
Practice ! Practice ! Practice ! 

Monday , we got to buy some lobster. My mum and dad cooked it with noodles . Quite a tasty meal ! heees . I quite like lobster but after eating it my hands smell like lobster >_< 

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