Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is what I got few days ago . 
R A S H E S 
R A S H E S ! My face was like the picture above . It happened cause I was sensitive to this new moisturizer that I used to smoothen my skin but failed . After a few days of applying antiseptic cream my face was a lot better ! YAY ! btwiloveyoujohnloong

Everyday I have hugs !  ❤ I love my friends in school . If you go up to them with your arms out , they will automatically hug you xD Actually I have been moody these days , no one knows , no one cares . I just hide it all , while those hugs I receive made me forget all the pain . 

My best friend is flying to Australia on Saturday :'( Gonna miss him much since we didn't talk to each other much these days.

Okay , back to school . I have up coming test on May and June I think . I have to start revise but I think I will start during my holiday . Hee . I am lazy lar . 

When I was in my classes , I always day dream @_@ I have to stop doing it . I have to stop missing him too . I try my best to avoid him.. but I feel so sad . I start to have headache . I want to have a break . I want to leave this world for just a moment . My brain is just too tired . Oh and I need to sleep early from now on . I have been having dark circles due to sleeping at midnight EVERYDAY . 

Nevershoutnever - Dare4distance 

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