Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My birthday ❤


Yes , I do look different >.< 
family picture , missed my sister cause she was late :/ 
me and my mum ❤
me , my sis , my mum ❤ 
Behind the scenes is all this . OMNOMNOMNOM . YUMMY CHOCOLATE CAKE . HAHAHA . 
My birthday cake and present ! ❤ 
Chocolate cake ❤ My favourite ! Except for Chocolate Indulgence which is my other favourite . 
My absolute favourite ! Recommended to all chocolate lovers . You can get it from your nearest Secret Recipe (Malaysia) ! ❤ I want to get a piece of chocolate indulgence when I get back to Malaysia .
( abit out of topic . LOL . but nevermind ) 

The present ? It's a pair for new headphones . 
If you didn't know my previous purple headphones broke :( (I loved those) So now I got a new pair of headphones ! :) 

My birthday was okay lar . Got £50 from my dad . Didn't get much surprise except my twin brought me RM60 hand cream for no reasons . And he sent it to me together with a card . He love me much ! Muahaha ❤ If my boyfie found out about this , he sure jealous ;P so I didn't tell him . LOLLL . 

My friend said ohh I'll get you a card on the weekends , but after a week she forgets . xD :') Ohh and I got a card from my bestie in school :'D and also quite a lot of hugs . Ohhhh , I loved the group guys :') Makes me feel warm ! ❤

yes , I look erm something like this :( but actually I am trying to :) 
HAHA . I think I will be a terrible model >.<
anyway, I will see you soon !

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