Thursday, 3 March 2011

Delayed - Outings

29 / 12 / 2010
Cam-whored in the car . Lol . That day I went out for breakfast at a "dim sum" restaurant . What I did in the car was trying to get the line to go on facebook . Mehh :P Okay anyway , back to the topic , after few hours of sitting in the car we finally reach . We waited for the queue . Then we had our break fast . After eating , me and my sisters found out that they had free wifi , of cause we did use it to go on facebook ;D I went to the toilet , this thing makes me lol so much . There was graffiti at the back of the toilet door . LMAO . Most of it is about K-pop singers . xD 
love this one
2 P M ❤
It's the hugeeeeee one . 
I'm weird ._. I take pictures of random graffiti . LOL . 

This is when me , my sisters and parents went to Makro . Erm . I forgot why we went there but it was fun . 
LMAO . we ❤ clean . 
OMG ! This is so cute ! It's a cow patterned blender I think . xD
urm . I take random photos of electrical appliances ? xD
There's people shy . 
Oh I thought you like camwhore-ing :P xD
Thee shop is like a factory . LOL . 

TROLOLOLOL . This was when I went out to town. 
I bought these sexy skinny jeans . LOL . 
*blames myself for not exercising* 

End this post with a photo I took using my phone ._.

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