Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Ohh yes . Time to update ! 
She loves me ❤ hehe . I love her too . Actually I didn't know until I check my planner xD

Tried using liquid eyeliner a few days ago. First attempt. I could draw the right side of my eye but I fail to draw the left thats why I took a picture of one eye only. Hees.

This is a row of sugus :3 I love those sweets ❤
Awesomee ! I just randomly took this picture . 

This Monday I went shopping in Tescos' xD 
We put loads of cheap stuff on sale in to the trolley . Epic times :') 

Today is non-uniform day! 
I loveeee this new coat >o< 
It's like a guy's coat but it's a girl . It's awesomeeee . It's so warmmmmm too ! 
In my first lesson , my friend said she loved it so I swap coat with her . xD
This is her's . She have a hoodie . Blue ! xD

Okay , enough pictures . Life is good . I think , but not very . Ohh well . There are many ups and downs . I hate the down parts . So depressing . Okay I'll stop depressing you girls and guys ;D 

I will be not online to reply you all . I am only able to upload pictures but I don't have much time to reply everyone's comment on FACEBOOK or on my BLOGGER . So , I am so SORRY ! I feel so bad D: I am not ignoring you all but I have not enough time :(

I don't have enough time cause I have to build this robot thing on my weekends which my ict teacher borrowed me . My ict course work is coming to deadline soon while I haven't finish it and I am quite busy these days >_< Blame myself . I might find time or a day to wake up early and reply all of you on the weekends cause I love you all :') So wait for me okay ? Hees . 

I have to stop approving perverts / weirdos I don't know on facebook >_< My best friend have been kinda angry of me cause of that. Girls is okay , but guys , he hates it alot . xD :') 

Have you heard of this news ? 
I bet you have now ;D
My eyes are bigger then his . HAHA! Blek . 
I am dreaming on the days we can hang out when I get back to Ipoh . I love to daydream although it's bad ._.

Enjoy this song readers ;D I'll see you all next week . Maybe earlier ;D

Ohh another thing , You follow me doesn't mean I have to follow you back . I didn't follow you back doesn't mean I don't like you D: I feel bad sometimes cause they follow me while I don't follow them back but I still have to sort out my follower list cause I kinda follow quite a lot people . I don't really care who I follow , it's just a button xD Yeah . I will follow u back if you follow me , but I don't really ask people to follow me . Lol . I just ask for follow backs' . xD

Inbox me on my account if you want me to approve you on FACEBOOK
Send me your blog link ! ;D and say please approve me in the inbox . 
I rarely approve people now on facebook due to strangers adding me ._. well boys lar . I have no idea why but anyway 
Thank you muchly ! ❤ 
I should approve you if I recognize you . Hees . 

Okay , enough crap . BYE ❤

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