Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My birthday ❤


Yes , I do look different >.< 
family picture , missed my sister cause she was late :/ 
me and my mum ❤
me , my sis , my mum ❤ 
Behind the scenes is all this . OMNOMNOMNOM . YUMMY CHOCOLATE CAKE . HAHAHA . 
My birthday cake and present ! ❤ 
Chocolate cake ❤ My favourite ! Except for Chocolate Indulgence which is my other favourite . 
My absolute favourite ! Recommended to all chocolate lovers . You can get it from your nearest Secret Recipe (Malaysia) ! ❤ I want to get a piece of chocolate indulgence when I get back to Malaysia .
( abit out of topic . LOL . but nevermind ) 

The present ? It's a pair for new headphones . 
If you didn't know my previous purple headphones broke :( (I loved those) So now I got a new pair of headphones ! :) 

My birthday was okay lar . Got £50 from my dad . Didn't get much surprise except my twin brought me RM60 hand cream for no reasons . And he sent it to me together with a card . He love me much ! Muahaha ❤ If my boyfie found out about this , he sure jealous ;P so I didn't tell him . LOLLL . 

My friend said ohh I'll get you a card on the weekends , but after a week she forgets . xD :') Ohh and I got a card from my bestie in school :'D and also quite a lot of hugs . Ohhhh , I loved the group guys :') Makes me feel warm ! ❤

yes , I look erm something like this :( but actually I am trying to :) 
HAHA . I think I will be a terrible model >.<
anyway, I will see you soon !

Thursday, 24 March 2011


I just deleted ALL THE CODING for my new blogskin which I am going to use , I used AGESSSS to fix all the coding . And now it has all been deleted ! D: EFFFFFFF . And I didn't have any back up for it T_T So I edited my blog abit rather then changing to classic blogskin . How's the new look ? Lol .

smile for him . this is me . cry for him .

I hate my life . My boyfriend didn't replied to my messages even tho he online . 

My mood is like poo . It's killing me D: Not literally tho /: I can't sleep until late at night unless I have music in my ears . Music is the only thing that can make me sleep . Tomorrow I have work . mm . Great . I hope I have enough energy for tomorrow . 

Late night sleep makes me have darker and deeper eye bags . Late night sleep also cause more pimples! Girls , remember to sleep early to keep your clear skin ! :) and also guys lar . xD 

ICT coursework due tomorrow hope I'm doing okay . I made a game . lol . fun , actually it's not xD it kinda strained my teacher's brain when he had a go on my game I got a C for my maths test which I didn't even do any revision on . I did some silly mistakes . I won't do them again . I hope . lol . Which would get me to a B for my next "mini" test . My teacher is so great to us . 


I fail at life . fml . 

will be updating often , maybe if I have the mood like today ;o 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Twin's birthday


Happy birthday William ! wish you all the best :] We have been friends for how long ? One year also not enough but we look like we know each other for ages xD We are always there for each other :') I will always give you my helping hand when you need it . I love you brother ! XD
Happy birthday my dear brother , twin , best friend  ❤

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Ohh yes . Time to update ! 
She loves me ❤ hehe . I love her too . Actually I didn't know until I check my planner xD

Tried using liquid eyeliner a few days ago. First attempt. I could draw the right side of my eye but I fail to draw the left thats why I took a picture of one eye only. Hees.

This is a row of sugus :3 I love those sweets ❤
Awesomee ! I just randomly took this picture . 

This Monday I went shopping in Tescos' xD 
We put loads of cheap stuff on sale in to the trolley . Epic times :') 

Today is non-uniform day! 
I loveeee this new coat >o< 
It's like a guy's coat but it's a girl . It's awesomeeee . It's so warmmmmm too ! 
In my first lesson , my friend said she loved it so I swap coat with her . xD
This is her's . She have a hoodie . Blue ! xD

Okay , enough pictures . Life is good . I think , but not very . Ohh well . There are many ups and downs . I hate the down parts . So depressing . Okay I'll stop depressing you girls and guys ;D 

I will be not online to reply you all . I am only able to upload pictures but I don't have much time to reply everyone's comment on FACEBOOK or on my BLOGGER . So , I am so SORRY ! I feel so bad D: I am not ignoring you all but I have not enough time :(

I don't have enough time cause I have to build this robot thing on my weekends which my ict teacher borrowed me . My ict course work is coming to deadline soon while I haven't finish it and I am quite busy these days >_< Blame myself . I might find time or a day to wake up early and reply all of you on the weekends cause I love you all :') So wait for me okay ? Hees . 

I have to stop approving perverts / weirdos I don't know on facebook >_< My best friend have been kinda angry of me cause of that. Girls is okay , but guys , he hates it alot . xD :') 

Have you heard of this news ? 
I bet you have now ;D
My eyes are bigger then his . HAHA! Blek . 
I am dreaming on the days we can hang out when I get back to Ipoh . I love to daydream although it's bad ._.

Enjoy this song readers ;D I'll see you all next week . Maybe earlier ;D

Ohh another thing , You follow me doesn't mean I have to follow you back . I didn't follow you back doesn't mean I don't like you D: I feel bad sometimes cause they follow me while I don't follow them back but I still have to sort out my follower list cause I kinda follow quite a lot people . I don't really care who I follow , it's just a button xD Yeah . I will follow u back if you follow me , but I don't really ask people to follow me . Lol . I just ask for follow backs' . xD

Inbox me on my account if you want me to approve you on FACEBOOK
Send me your blog link ! ;D and say please approve me in the inbox . 
I rarely approve people now on facebook due to strangers adding me ._. well boys lar . I have no idea why but anyway 
Thank you muchly ! ❤ 
I should approve you if I recognize you . Hees . 

Okay , enough crap . BYE ❤

Thursday, 10 March 2011


This is what I got few days ago . 
R A S H E S 
R A S H E S ! My face was like the picture above . It happened cause I was sensitive to this new moisturizer that I used to smoothen my skin but failed . After a few days of applying antiseptic cream my face was a lot better ! YAY ! btwiloveyoujohnloong

Everyday I have hugs !  ❤ I love my friends in school . If you go up to them with your arms out , they will automatically hug you xD Actually I have been moody these days , no one knows , no one cares . I just hide it all , while those hugs I receive made me forget all the pain . 

My best friend is flying to Australia on Saturday :'( Gonna miss him much since we didn't talk to each other much these days.

Okay , back to school . I have up coming test on May and June I think . I have to start revise but I think I will start during my holiday . Hee . I am lazy lar . 

When I was in my classes , I always day dream @_@ I have to stop doing it . I have to stop missing him too . I try my best to avoid him.. but I feel so sad . I start to have headache . I want to have a break . I want to leave this world for just a moment . My brain is just too tired . Oh and I need to sleep early from now on . I have been having dark circles due to sleeping at midnight EVERYDAY . 

Nevershoutnever - Dare4distance 

Monday, 7 March 2011

School and random stuff

Update now ! This post is just about random stuff . There are quite a lot of photos x)

cute "angpow" I got for CNY this year . R A B B I T ❤
as you can see I have just a few "angpow" >_< aiks .


my drawing for art , last term.. xD
Me and my friend Charlie was brought out from our art lesson to another room to continue our work cause we are "SPECIAL" ;D You should know him if you read my past post . Then I got bored and took some pictures . 
As you can see there is non of us together . LOL . I think it's cause he doesn't like taking photos with me . 

This is a small bar of chocolate which I haven't eat . Lol . It was actually a small gift from my friend when she went to Australia for a trip . 

The middle building is mine while the two beside it is my friends . This is actually my mini project for my Graphics lesson . I took quite a long time to make it , especially when I cut the wood to shape >_< But at last I was satisfy with it . 

HAHAHHA . This is my results for last term . At last I reach all my benchmark ( my aims ) :D

This is a letter I got to go for "well done tea" It's the time when you get to get out of ur lesson to go to this tea time . Lol . Apparently I forget and they had to get a teacher to get me from my lesson . Lol . Scary time :S Ohh and I got a chocolate when I was there cause I am "SPECIAL" LOL! No lar , I just done well in school . HOHOHO . 
Inside the chocolate bird , there's chocolate buttons . OMNOMNOMNOM . 

This is my improved self-portrait from this post. But it's still not good enough :/ 
Practice ! Practice ! Practice ! 

Monday , we got to buy some lobster. My mum and dad cooked it with noodles . Quite a tasty meal ! heees . I quite like lobster but after eating it my hands smell like lobster >_< 

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Delayed - Outings

29 / 12 / 2010
Cam-whored in the car . Lol . That day I went out for breakfast at a "dim sum" restaurant . What I did in the car was trying to get the line to go on facebook . Mehh :P Okay anyway , back to the topic , after few hours of sitting in the car we finally reach . We waited for the queue . Then we had our break fast . After eating , me and my sisters found out that they had free wifi , of cause we did use it to go on facebook ;D I went to the toilet , this thing makes me lol so much . There was graffiti at the back of the toilet door . LMAO . Most of it is about K-pop singers . xD 
love this one
2 P M ❤
It's the hugeeeeee one . 
I'm weird ._. I take pictures of random graffiti . LOL . 

This is when me , my sisters and parents went to Makro . Erm . I forgot why we went there but it was fun . 
LMAO . we ❤ clean . 
OMG ! This is so cute ! It's a cow patterned blender I think . xD
urm . I take random photos of electrical appliances ? xD
There's people shy . 
Oh I thought you like camwhore-ing :P xD
Thee shop is like a factory . LOL . 

TROLOLOLOL . This was when I went out to town. 
I bought these sexy skinny jeans . LOL . 
*blames myself for not exercising* 

End this post with a photo I took using my phone ._.