Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentines ❤

14 . 02 . 2011
I sent 3 cards out for 
my boyfiee ; my wifeyy ; my bestiee 
these are the drawings I did on it 
I just did two drawings. Lazy me. Forgive me okay boyfie? I know your drawings are too good so I don't think my drawings would give you any surprise. 
The second one is done on RED paper if you were wondering why it's that RED.  Lol. 

The day before Valentines, I phoned my boyfriend just to listen to his voice. His voice changed, I didn't really recognize it much. I know, he is my boyfriend I cant even recognize his voice much. I am a fail girlfriend :/ I didn't listen to his voice about a few months, like half a year. More over I don't have a good memory. If you wanna know, I argued with my boyfriend the day before Valentines cause of some other reasons but it's past anyway. I didn't do much on Valentines day. I planned to call him again but he said I waste money. I just said " Okay okay. " LOL.

ohh yes ! I am not offically 158 cm tall ;D Working up to 160cm . Erm . I want to grow taller ? Just grow a few cm *puppy dog eyes* LOL. My weight remained the same. YAY me. I had my blood pressure checked in school I had the highest among my friends. Stress caused it.

My eyes gone red. OMG. Oh yes. I have to sleep earlier. I have been sleeping at 11.30 almost everyday. I know its a bad habit. I cannot change it D:

I want to put this as my facebook profile picture but I have too many profile pictures. So I didn't. I can't stop camwhoring. Eh can't blame me when my hand, it can't controllololololol. And my camera is too awesome. Lol. 
Everyday I have quite a lot of people to "wall to wall". Some of them I didn't reply cause I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. I thought I did reply them but actually I didn't -.- Paiseh.

Oh yeah, I changed my look for the bloggie. Erm, looks a abit pinkish I guess. I wanted a greyish background pattern but I couldn't find any so I just picked this pink sakura flower one. Lol. and I changed the post's font, I couldn't pick the right one so you'll see it change once in a while if you always visit my blog. 

Sorry for late replies to my BLOG'S CHATBOX, 2ND BLOG, FACEBOOK ACC1 & ACC2
I will reply everyone tomorrow since I have a day off from school.  

P E A C E ! 

I have a week of holiday next week ! So, more updates ahead ! :D When I said I have new pictures, I wasn't lie-ing. I will upload them at some point.
And not to forget, there will be quicker replies. Lol.

lastly , enjoy this song

On the Brightside.

oh yeah . the signature thingy is gonee .
I realise I ruined this Valentine post while posting all my non-valentine related stuff. 
Oh yeah, in case if you wanna know, I didn't get anything for VALENTINES DAY

Sad face :(

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