Monday, 7 February 2011

Surprise for my CNY

31 / 01 / 2011 
I received a letter from Xiaoyu ❤
I was so surprised and I was touched >< 
she is one of my facebook friends :0 I am very excited to meet her if I ever go back to M A L A Y S I A . Her hand writting is better then mine . Envy Envy . LOL . 

eheheheee . I changed my blogger banner to this 

I look quite like a model . HAHA . * as if :P * There was this one person who say this to me when I uploaded this to facebook .
" Go enter beauty competition and I guarantee you'll get first ;D "
I LOL-ED so much . Pfft . As if I will get first :/ I took this picture with the korean style of camwhore-ing . Most koreans or korean lovers pose like this style when they camwhore . I don't know what style it is actually . I think its better to call it Krystal's style . Lol -.-

Oh Yes . On the DAYS of Chinese new year . Me and him ( aka. bestfriend ) have been argue-ing :/ sigh . Hope one day it stops . Cross fingers . I think it's stopping now since I said I will settle it . Actually a simple sorry will close this file quickly . Since he said it, it's close file now . I don't really want to lose my best friend just cause of simple matters . Well , is lie-ing a simple matter to you ? Would you leave him or her just cause they lied to you ? 

Is it wrong to kiss your best friend (male) even though you have a boyfriend ? 

Here is a song I got it from two days ago 
OMG . I am already adicted to it already .
E N J O Y ;D
She's got style by Nevershoutnever 

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